What kind of LD method did I have?

:eh: Please tell me what kind of LD method I had a few months ago… click the spolier

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A few months ago, I fell asleep in bed…then, about an hour before the time I get up at, I started to wake up, but my eyes were closed and I was still in bed, then I didn’t move and told myself I wanted to LD, and I went right into having a Lucid Dream…this method seemed to work really good for me, what method is this, and how can I perfect it and work on it?

Sounds like you did a DEILD (dream exit induced lucid dream). Good job, I’ve never done one! But I hear it’s a fairly reliable LD technique, as long as you don’t move when you wake up. For more info look on the ld4all forums, there’s a great guide on it.

Thanks, Awesome :smile: