What made you lucid today?

From my experience I know that there are lots of objects and scenarios that can make you lucid. So I just made this topic for everyone to share their moments about how they became aware that they are dreaming.

I guess I should start… Had an unexpected LD this night, I wasn’t prepared for it at all, so I just did some random fun stuff :razz:… Anyways, the thing that made me lucid was more illogical and strange than any others that I have ever had. The dream scenario went like this:

I was on a conveyor belt, sitting on a wooden door that was going to be ripped apart into pieces by some kind of a mechanical crusher device. And I was about to jump off that conveyor belt to save myself, but there came a moment of doubt… You see, it doesn’t take much effort to realize that something is not quite right. And after some Shakespeare-style philosophical thoughts “A dream, or not a dream” I just bit the bullet and decided to suicide, just to find myself alive and lucid :happy:
By the way, I totally busted the myth that you wake up when you die in your dreams.

What funny moments did you have, fellow oneironauts? :happy:

Sorry if such a thread had already been made. I couldn’t find a similar thread anywhere.

I was having ND and sitting on top of some rocky mountain talking to someone. Then i happened to say something “bad” about god and suddenly saw a very big noisy flash of lightning. Then i had FA in my room (there was something on the door that made me realize it was a dream). everything was blurred but after minute or so i got some lucidity :razz:. it lasted only 30sec after that :sad:.

i was floating a dollar in a normal dream with telekinesis and thought to myself “wow that would be really cool to be able to do that in real life” and then i was like oh shit this is a dream then i gained lucidity

I always just end up with the idea in my head that I’m dreaming and then I do an rc naturally, and become lucid. For instance the last lucid I had I dreamed that is was at my parents house playing with my dogs when I suddenly got the idea that was dreaming and decided to do an rc.

Yeah, this does happen to me as well… Quite often, in fact. I’ve had a lot more of these spontaneous LD’s than LD’s that were initiated by some dream sign. Just going along the dream, when suddenly, out of the blue, “Hey, I think I’m dreaming! Let’s check that”.

That’s usually how it happens. I think that is why it is good to rc while awake, that way questioning whether one is dreaming or not will become natural. Conditioning the subconscious with the conscious.

I mostly do WILD so I know I’m dreaming from the start but when I become lucid in a dream then it’s mostly RC’ing.

Last 2 lucid dreams that I had first one was WILD so I found myself at my cousins house and immediately I knew I was dreaming.

As I started to feel that the dream might collapse I repeated in myself: “this is a dream and I am dreaming.” After repeating the sentence a few times this dream did collapse and I found myself in a city that I live by and I was in a special force team and we were on some kind of mission. But I knew that I was dreaming because I remembered that a few seconds ago I was at my cousins house.

In those 2 dreams I did make a few RC’s just to be sure. I looked at my hands and they did look normal. Then I made my fingers to stretch and after I was successful I made them normal again…