What made you realize what dreaming could do?

We have a thread for posting our best LDs, but here I want to learn something else - what was the dream, or even the image or the moment, which brought it home to you how powerful lucid dreaming was, what real and rewarding adventures it could give you? What was the moment when you first set your anxiety aside, licked your lips and said “This is gonna be good!”? :happy:

I’m hoping these stories will be not only fun to read, but an inspiration for new dreamers: as I’ve written elsewhere, it’s so easy, in the months after discovering lucid dreams, to get bogged down in a sense of what you can’t do or how remote your final victory may be, and it’s hugely important for us to remind people of the limitless hopes and ambitions they had when they first arrived.

You may have more than one! I’ll start with one of my own.

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I remember a foggy, amorphous experience, very disappointing and very familiar, where everything was grey and unreal and clearly about to disintegrate. Sooner or later my lucid dreams had all ended in that so far. I’d been trying without any success to incubate a Mass Effect dream for many months: I suppose that would roughly date the experience. But this time, despite all my failures, I stuck tenaciously to my idea and promised that I would make something - anything - of this dream. I’d read WritersCube’s journals. I knew it could be done, I just didn’t believe it could be done. But I held on, like Menelaus wrestling Proteus, determined that I wouldn’t stop fighting till I woke up (my way of greeting my dreams was a lot more adversarial then than it is today!) Gradually, the walls of grey resolved themselves into brown clouds, massive yet fast and frighteningly near - both above and below me - which I took for the upper atmosphere of a gas giant, and I found my hands grasping the stick of a shuttle or gunship which gradually built itself around me.

The scene grew as clear and vivid as waking life, then more so. Using the 1980s-style, wonderfully tactile, instruments with their little green lines and dots, I shook with excitement and physical fear as I set the ship down at a floating research station which was almost invisible in the thick, troubled sky. It was one of those perfectly balanced dreams where you are lucid, but also immersed enough to feel a real stake in the adventure. As I hopped out, the brown masses were boiling over the landing pad with breathtaking swiftness, ground crew shouting and waving their arms incomprehensibly under the loud whine of the engines. I ran across, against the bodily push of the wind, to an airlock. I remember vividly how a close but welcome silence suddenly set in as the fancy sci-fi door slid shut and I was left alone with my own breathing and the unexpected tapping of rain on the glass pane.

Then I remember turning and looking - that was the moment I realized that this whole world, this whole adventure, all the feast of delicious reality which no VR will ever rival, were being handed to me on a silver salver; that I could explore and discover and enjoy without any restriction save the moral law and my eventual awakening. And that I could go back every night. :fly: As I was digesting the thought, Liara T’Soni came round the corner with her white-coated team and said,
“We’ve been expecting you! Come and see the lab.”

This was before the Master Key, but it was the moment when the dreamworld stopped being something disappointing and became something limitless, like pushing through the fur coats into the real, wild cold of Narnia.

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My first brief LD, I hadn’t heard of lucid dreaming. I realised it was a dream and was amazed at how solid everything felt while knowing it was all taking place in my head.

You were very fortunate to have that experience right off the bat, I think! It must’ve helped you hang on to those high expectations…can you remember what happened in that dream?

All my LDs are recorded in my lucid leap topic in DJs. It was more the experience than things happening.

I’ve been lucid dreaming for years and years. At first naturally, then later I learned how to induce them. I keep doing it because exploring our inner-selves is not only interesting, but life-affirming and life-changing.
Some quick context: I was having an absolutely awful, horrible, hard time at work. That day was stressful and I was up against a terrible amount of pressure. Up to that point, I hadn’t experienced anything like it. I sat in a conference room in near tears, but eventually got through the day
The dream that night: I’m in an old house. It is haunted and I can seek ghosts travelling about. I go room through room trying to escape. Eventually, I pass through a doorway into a brightly lit room. On a couch is my grandfather sitting their and smiling at me. He had died some years before and we didn’t have a close relationship. Instantly, I become lucid. I tell him how happy I was to see him and apologize for not having a better connection. He tells me something along the lines of us both being immature and it was ok. I am filled with happiness and peace. I feel the dream fading a bit so look at my hands to stabilize. As I look up, he is smiling at me and says," I hear you are doing terrific things down there." and then I wake up.
Something about that dream changed my whole perspective. Having my grandfather’s word’s of encouragement made me so much happier. I went to work with much more confidence. I got through the week and passed the inspection (not easily, but I made it!). This was years ago, but still sticks with me to this day.

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Hey moogle :raising_hand_man: My first Lucid dream was like yours in my dream i was with my brothers and when i jumped i flyed sudden i realized OMG i am dreaming that was amazing experience ever i was very happy at that time Sometimes I would jump, sometimes I would flyed I was telling everyone that I am dreaming. Everyone would look at me strangely when I told them that I am dreaming.

We can do everything in our dreams what we never expected i think fly do some fun is waste of time we should explore our Consciousness like interacting with your innerself or subconscious mind we can ask very difficult question to our aspects or we can ask like what is my passion,what is useful for me to do in my life which carer should i choose and more

I think there is room for both. If LDs are very frequent I can see the pull of pushing boundaries and exploring the subconcious. But LDs are rare then the pull of fun and doing things impossible in real life would win … since it is possible to explore the innerself in RL through meditation and seeing hypnotists / psychiatrists.

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A long time ago I had so many LDs. There is an apartment I usually go to in my dreams, I lose the key but find my way in. And a church, and often I dream of Pitt