What method should I practice?

First off - Yay, first post.

Second off - I don’t know where to start, so I guess I will start at the beginning.

I was either 5 or 6 when I heard about lucid dreams, and that was from my dad telling me about his first lucid dream when he was 13 or 14. It completely fascinated me and when I was older I looked it up (I have always had a knack with a computer as I was only 8 at the time) and learned about what I now know is called the WBTB method. I never really tried it, as I got bad information which I just recently (In the past few months) found out was wrong. It told you about the same premise but said that you should wake up in about 2 hours. That wouldn’t be in REM sleep hence you wouldn’t have entered the dream state yet. So I never really tried that.
Enough about that. I then one night discovered this forum (only a week ago as a matter of fact) and haven’t really tried anything yet, but found what type of MILD person I am (The Suggestability Test by Vi) (a “P”, or physical-suggestible). Nothing else really.

My personality:

I am kind of emotional (Funny I guess because of my outcome on Vi’s Suggestibility Test) I am a guy but I cry easily. I am not outgoing with people (The word for that is on the tip of my tongue but I can’t think of it…), and I’m 13. Umm, ask if you want to know anything else.

What method should I practice and would have the highest likelihood of working on me?

By the way. I have a good memory but next to no DR.

I tried WILD last night, didn’t work…


You said you have next to no DR, so first up you should just start a DJ (which can be quite fun). You can also use alarm/autosuggestion to wake up 90-120 min after falling asleep, depending on your sleep cycle. This way you’ll wake up after your REM is over and you can recall the dream more easily. There are many things you can do to improve DR! :happy:

When you can remember at least 2 dreams per night you can move on.

There is no best method out there that works for everyone, so trial and error is the way to go. Pick a primary method that feels alright and do MILD with it to improve your chances. And don’t forget RC’s. :happy: Just remember it’s quality, not quantity. Doing a few good RC’s is better than doing a load of checks with no in-depth thinking. You need to question your reality and maintain your awareness. Without the latter those pink elephants will seem completely normal to you. :razz:

Hi and welcome :wave:

WILD is tricky and may take a long time to learn properly, yet many people insist on starting with it (as I did as well :razz:). It’s good to remember at least one dream a night. Do you keep a DJ? It can help a lot, even ND’s can be very fun! Start getting used to doing RC’s during the day, specially when weird things happen. Other than that you can try a simpler technique such as MILD. Any technique can take a while for you to get used to and get results, so try not to get frustrated if you don’t get lucid right away, frustration only gets in the way! Try to enjoy the learning and experimenting process. Many people try to “force” themselves to have a LD and that attitude usually doesn’t help. Anyway, good luck and have fun! Let us know if you have any more questions :wink:

Thanks guys, I am starting a dream journal tonight (started the topic, but didn’t remember even a fragment of a dream last night) or would it be tomorrow morning? I don’t know. I’m also gonna use the MILD technique to try to remember my dreams as Slumbie said.

Also thanks for the RC tip mattias, I had heard of those but forgot about them. Now I need to find out a good RC to do that won’t make my mom freak.

Thanks for the tips everyone, and for the welcome!

I’ll be reading your journal! :good:
Right now I’m going for WBTB boosted by MILD. I do CALD too. :happy: WBTB gave me a vivid and long dream last time I used it, and if I had better awareness I would have gotten lucid in it. It’s really important to question your reality and really think logically during your daily life.


CALD sounds neat, hadn’t heard of that. Thanks for saying you’ll read my journal :razz: and also I have been doing reality checks in the past two hours. :razz:

That’s like asking ‘What food should I eat?’. Nobody can really tell you. You have to find out by yourself. Best advise someone could give you is to try them all out.
You may just like DEILD (aka Chaining).

Cheers :wink: