What method to keep trying?

Before I start, I think it’s a good idea to give a summary of my quest for lucid dreaming.

In December 2008 I read a small guide forLD and gave it a shot: I kept a dream journal and started reality checking, but gave up after a month or so.

November 2009 I woke up early for college but remebered the wasn’t going to be class that morning, so I went back to bed. As I went, I told myself, “why not try a WILD right now?”, so I did. I never really woke up to the point of 100% awareness that morning, so I went past the hypnagogic phase really fast (at least it seemed so); I found myself in a gray dream landscape, I was so excited that my heart started beating really fast and I didn’t remember to stabilize the dream and woke up a couple of seconds later.

Last year I started my attempts again, this time trying DILD. The problem is that I’m too skeptic, so that a after a month of constant RCing, I finally counted my fingers in the dream. 11 fingers there were, so I just told myself “well this can’t be right,” and laid down on the floor to sleep (my theory is that because my subconcious figured that I was dreaming, I must be sleeping, so it went sleep!). I got so angry at this that I gave up again.

Recently I watched some movie about dreaming and decided to try again, this time no giving up! But it seems I can’t concentrate enough for a WILD. Unfortunately I live in a third world s-hole where there aren’t laws forcing people to keep their dogs quiet, and some people have roosters (in the middle of the city!) which do those weird noises every morning. The closest I got was a few seconds listening to hypnagogic sounds (the same I listened when I got the first WILD: an annoying high frequency drone) until some idiot decided to close a door very fast and I woke up. I tried using the best earplugs I could find, but it still didn’t work; I also tried white noise but all this did was worsen my tinnitus.

So what should I keep trying? DILD, even though I’m too skeptic for it to work? Or WILD, even though the environment doesn’t let me concentrate enough for it? Also, any hint for overcoming these problems are welcome.

The funny thing is that the only time I managed to get an LD I hadn’t read anything about it recently, and didn’t even prepare myself for it, and whenever I prepare I never manage. But those 2 seconds I spent were quite an unique experience, and I’d very much like to do it again!

DILD takes the least effort i would recommended it.

but in you situation (with the roosters and all) have you tried WBTB ? i have never been woken up by a rooster before … but i assume they only do their deed for a short period when the sun comes up (i get that much from movies, so i might be wrong) and depending on what season it is this time can be from 5-7 (i am prob wrong here) but if i am right on both counts and you have time to spare after being woken up by the rooster research WBTB method (i could give you a breakdown on how to use it properly if you need) and then do that.

hek u could be lucky to have those roosters :smile: