What next after dream journal?

It’s been quite a while since I’ve started recording my dreams and I’m able to remember 3 dreams at minimum, and usually 5 in a night being my average. I wear a watch all the time and remember to do reality checks, and I’ve been able to recognize re-occurring dream themes. Even after being able to do this stuff, I still can’t “tell myself” to do a reality check in my dream to become lucid. It’s like I have zero control of my body and I’m just there for the ride. There have been numerous times where I have inadvertently done reality checks in my dreams but they seem like normal everyday life.

WILDs and WBTB techniques aren’t ideal because I need a full night of sleep otherwise I don’t function well during the day. What can I do next to help become more successful in achieving lucid dreams once I’m asleep?

Do you have an android phone? If so, try the Lucid Dreamcatcher app in flash dreamer mode.

More on this: https://community.ld4all.com/t/lucid-dreamcatcher-android-app-flash-dreamer-mode/36508