What pretend weapons work in your dreams?

For example, I know some people will pretend to fire finger guns and it works to kill things. What about, for example, pretending to fire an invisible shotgun, or swing an invisible sword, or pretending to pull the pin on an invisible grenade and then throw it? Has anyone experimented with different invisible weapons like this?

If I want to use a gun or sword etc. in a dream, I usually summon it and see it. And even if I see the gun, it often fails to kill things. Lots of things seem to be bulletproof in my dreams and I have to resort to other ways to deal with them.

I use Harry Potter spells. They work for so many different things for me, even without a wand! I want to start using a sonic screwdriver too (from Doctor Who, preferably one that can open wooden doors, lol) :tardis: .

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Now that you mention it, I have NEVER had any weapon work correctly in a dream.