What RCs work and don't work for you, personally?

Hi everyone! What RCs do you personally use, and if you are alucid dreamer, which ones work reliably for you and which ones don’t?

I personally only breath through my nose, check my memories and environment, and look at the fingers on my hands. Actually, I don’t remember if breathing through my nose works or not, since every time I become lucid it’s because I do the memories thing, but when I look at my hands to stabilize I always have multiple fingers, and they usually stay that way for the rest of my dream.


The RC I use the most of all is drawing a circle in the air. If it glows, it is a dream. This works most of the times, and when it fails in a dream, I usually suspect it is a dream already, so I can double check with another RC.

Backup RCs usually follow the pattern of “If this is a dream, this and that will be behind this door”

The three I have used successfully are

  • plug nose and try to breathe
  • finger through palm
  • expect something to happen (this is similar to Siiw’s backup RC)

Man, I wish I could RC with cool things like that, but my powers don’t really work reliably even in a lucid dream. I once spent a lucid dream sitting in a garden trying to make a tea cup levitate but it didn’t even budge!

I use REM Dreamer device so my RC is every blinkg or weird light in daytime.
And my best RC is watch my digital watch or my hands

Oh I forgot he ones that don’t work

reading text <- either looks normal or on the rare occasions it isn’t … I come up with a ‘rational explanation’.

  • watch my hands (is what I do most)
  • push finger through hand
  • jump in the air
  • reach for the ceiling to touch it

I like Siiw’s idea of drawing a circle in the air, want to try it :happy: