What season of the year is best for LDs?

I’ve been wondering this lately and would appretiate any input that you guys have.

I think it really depends on who you are, where you’re from, and what weather you’re used to. (eg: I’m from Florida, so I like it hot)

Btw, welcome. :wave:

Well atm im determind to get frequent LDs and its the summer holidays and I feel that is the ideal time to start for me. :smile:

All three of mine occurred in August (I think), which for me is winter. But as far as I know there’s no one season for them.

I think that the season itself doesn’t have a big influence on LDs. It’s more how you feel during the season (for example sleepy).

Summer holidays for me. Long sleep + inner calm (no exams, no sport lessons, only 2 moths of freedom). I got 6 LD’s in this years holidays!

For me its seasons in which the temprature at night isn’t higher then 25C :razz: … (I have trouble falling asleep when it’s hot)

The best time for dreaming, especially LDing is on holidays. It doesn’t matter if it’s hot or cold—you must be warm to sleep well, but we don’t depend on the season for that anymore.

If you have the time to focus on it, it’s a good time.

I sleep the best during the mid-spring to mid-fall.
Why? Well, i’ll tell you. Theese are the months I can sleep with my windows open. I live out in the country by the woods with a large brook, so the sounds that I get to listen to then are very relaxing. There is just something about the sounds of nature, a cool breeze, and the smell of the woods that give me deep vivid dreams all night. :cloud9:

I use the sounds of nature to meditate on and also use them for WILD. I miss that right now. :cry: Darn theese cold winter months!

I’d say anytime other than late fall- to winter is bad. This is because many people get sick during this time, like I am now. Its very hard to sleep when you are sick. I usually breathe through my nose but I cant now so its hard to get comfortable.

I don’t think season has a big influence.

I’d say any time of the year when it is both cool, and I have a lot of time to sleep is good for lucid dreaming, because I don’t like sleeping in hot surroundings.

Well, I don’t have a fixed season where LD-s occur more. The only times my odds skyrocket is when I’m at dad’s house, where my comp is right next to my bed so I can put on my headset and listen to meditation MP3 just before I fall asleep. But the best times for me to LD is when I’m on vacation from school.

We could find out, just keep a track of how many LDs we have every month, in the competition ranking.

Thats a good idea. We could even look over the data on the past months of the competition and see if we can see anything significant :smile:

Post the data.

So far it looks like Winter, December has alot of LDs.
I wonder if it has any thing to do with the Winter Solace, or 2012. Just a thought.

(It’s so weird to know that you can actually say that December means Winter… I mean, I can imagine very few people here live in the South…)

I think worm winters and springtime are a good time for dreaming where I live, but that must be because the blossoms and the school brake are so amazing. It’s hard to have any decent dream when you can’t think of anything else than work, 24h a day. Summer is good for normal dreaming since we travel a lot, but I’m not sure about LD’s.

i would say whatever season lets me relax, is the one i get the best dreams in. or generally the best sleep. then again, i havent had a GOOD night’s sleep since i was 5. so i can’t really start making claims.

still, the conditions that you sleep the best in, be it warm or cold, inside or out, are the ones that have the best conditions for getting LD’s, since they make you more relaxed. at least, thats what i think.

Season, temperature , weather etc. has never had any effect on my lucid dreaming ability.