What seeds are you planting?

Hi Everyone!

I’ve been meaning to get this thread going for a while. On July 26, 2005, we entered the Dreamspell/13 Moon Calendar year of the Yellow Cosmic Seed.

Here in the last week of the Magnetic Moon of Purpose, it might be a good time, to think about what seeds are we putting out there in the soil? What dreams/aspirations do we have for the new year? What are our targets/goals?

By releasing our feelings and aspirations into a shared and collective space, we can help to bring our seeds into fruition. Some of my Seeds for the year ahead:

  • To become more still and centered in my breath and being - i really want to join a yoga class :smile:
  • To be more Joy-Full and spontaneous in my ways in the world
  • To expand and take a greater role in the formation of the Planet Art Network here in melbourne. To have more regular dream gatherings, etc.
  • To be more confident and have more fun presenting new information/ideas to people - especially with speaking to larger groups.
  • More fun, magic and synchronicity.


Would love to hear about what’s growing in your garden?


Let’s see…

1 - Have a good year in school with a small amount of problems. (None if possible!) - So far so good. :cool:

2 - Make a few new friends. - Check! :grin:

3 - Get involved in an after school activity. - A soon-to-be check; shall be accomplished on Monday. :smile:

4 - Get a few more long, vivid LD’s before Halloween. - Ones where I can actually control stuff and fly! :wink:

5 - Get more goals. :content:

I - To get a new boyfriend/girlfriend.

2 - to get a new harddisc for my computer (six gigabytes left :help:)

3 - get more goals.

Oooh, well I don’t have any short-term goals as such. They’re all for the long run. I figure I’ll deal with any day-to-day problems when they arise and not worry about it till then.

My ‘shorter-term’ goals:

  1. Keep working in the best job in the world!
  2. Keep passing all my subjects at uni, maybe improve my results a bit more.
  3. Find the perfect boyfriend!

The romance part was on my list too, but I forgot to write it. :shy:

:love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love:

The seeds I decided to plant for myself are:

  1. Stop tolerating bad behavior from people
  2. Accept more out of life and fear less by working on my faith
    3.To accept more and fear less who I am and never try to hide it

I don’t know what kind of seeds these are
but it says on the box to spread them on
the little ceramic animal,add water
and watch it grow!

But seriously.
1.To get along with others.
2.To respect others and their opinions and not force my own.

thats high on my list too

Gosh seeds to grow:

You reap what you sow…

  1. Patience and tolerance for what I don’t understand
  2. Encouragement and Self Confidence for my children
  3. Positivity and self growth
  4. Understanding and forgiveness
  5. The knowledge to overcome petty obstacles (sp)
  6. The focus to help others
  7. The concentration of working on my “gifts”

I’m sure there are some more laying around the house. When I find them and start planting I’ll let you guys know.

What great goals everyone has!

I feel one step closer to you all already!

Oh yes. I’m actually working on getting a vegetable garden started with my flatmates. I have been thinking about what vegetables I will plant too. I think this project will be fun and useful, and also serve to honour my intentions for the year.

While at the Day Out of Time party here in Australia, a woman kept telling me that when I got back home, I had to plant some trees and flowers. So, hopefully I’ll be able to stay true to my word.


I’m curious to know if anyone else is having a hard time planting their “seeds”. I know I lose focus every now and then but I am trying very very hard to keep it up.

Hey Illuminada!

Okay here’s how I’m doing

  • I did infact join my ashtanga yoga class. It was awesome - for the six weeks I was present. I learnt so much about my breath, and body, and still feel alot of that wisdom is present with me.

Unfortunately, i am very poor right now, and can’t afford to signup again. I am looking forward to the next set of classes, and am still going to meetup with a friend I met there, later this week. So that went well!

I’m still working on this one! I notice i am prone to a few fears about speaking up and being myself. I need to take more risks.

Well we haven’t been having so many dream gatherings, but we have had PAN meetings every 13-days, which is a start, I guess. I’ve been present most of the time, though I still think I should take more opportunities to present my knowledge, since I think I have some cool things to share.

WEll this is still true! I’ve had some cool moments. I’m willing to go out and do stuff, for no reason at all, with no expectations. I like that kind of thinking, and find it is someimtes cool just to break with a habit, and take up something new/different.

I have been having some great dreams the past few days - the kind that totally leave you spinning with the awareness of how magical the world can be. THat leave you lying in bed - going WOW! I want more :wink:

How is everyone else growing? Any new ideas and dreams?


I’m trying to increase my aura. I can “feel” something unfamiliar, and I wish to know what it is. Not that it isn’t anything that I can’t deduce logically. All of the evidence points towards an improper spiritual awakening. Fortunately, this can be remedied.


1, greater confidence (to appropriate levels) in my capabilities to a) observe, b) provide, c) live well.

2, unshakable peace with my spontinaity, self acceptance and forgiveness.

3, greater understanding of my capabilitys and their expansion.

4, to see uncloudedly the peaceful and loving care of my fellow humankind of earth and all that are of it.

5, to just be. ya know? authentically.

6, practice healing arts so that i may share these capabilitys with others, including teaching such things from a place of such vast encompassing knowledge to ensure certainty.

7, release irrational fears, self doubt and self limitation to allow myself to do that which i have long known to be possable and even… necessary, to an extent. (one example among meeellions, seeing auras & energy feilds)

8, cease looking at 8 sideways to the point it becomes an unwanted distraction.

9, to better complete the seed picture, the big dreams… like in this draft i am prepairing (in its most infant stage):

10, to live in constant uplifting reccognition that i am loveform. (and to let other’s in on this)

11, to feel, live, realise, the true prescence of the universe as the greatest of connections, the most grand and expansive, yet also the most close, personal and intimate, akin to as was mid 2003, just prior to finding “her”, just around the time the sky saw the greatest gammaburst some many many million light years out past the constellation known as sagitarius.

12, to be able to give of myself freely, to allow myself to be the conduit of universal energys

13, to outgo, mango, bingobango.

14, oh heck, why not add this one too… TO SAVE THE WORLD! hehehe. :smile: