What should I do if...

What should I do if I don’t have the time to think about doing RC’s in the day? Or I cant remember doing them all the time?

eat a biscuit. Always helps me remember, as I think, as I’ve forogtten to do an RC, I’ll go eat a biscuit. Then you think, wait, DO AN RC!! Then you do an RC, go have a biscuit, do another RC and go play Wii Sports.

Li10 :smile:

How about… Try to remember?

Does it really matter? The point is to put it in your subconscious to question reality, sure the more you do it the more success you are likely to have. But so long as you don’t forget entirely I really don’t see an issue.

That said, I don’t bother with RCs anyway so…

It’s not really that time consuming. To help you remember to do them, decide in advance when to do them. Some do them hourly, some when certain things happen or they do something particular. Such as eating a biscuit. Decide; “every time I eat a biscuit I will do a RC”! Or any time you see red car. It’s a good way of doing it because then you can decide that anytime you see any of your personal dreamsigns, you do a RC. Even if you don’t actually do the RC, you can remember that you are supposed to, wich is a start. When you encounter a situation in a dream when you think about doing a RC and then don’t do it, and you wake up later and see how close you were, you will not find that extra effort of looking at tour hands or reading a text twice too much to do.

just remember. perhaps having good recall could help you remember your dreams, which could help.