What should I do in my LD?

It seems even though I can do anything in my LD I am limited by laws i cant seem to break. I can fly but I always come down after awile, I can’t seem to walk through walls, I can’t get objects/people to appear, I can’t prolong my dream more than 3 minutes, I seem to lose good vision the second I stop stabilizing the dream, and I dont know what things/techniques to do in the dream which will help me refine the ability the fastest. Does anybody have any tips from experience on what to do in your LD to get over common mind blocks the most efficient way? I have many LDs but because of these blocks I cannot make them too fulfilling.

You can’t fly for a long time because you don’t have the right gear. :wink: Try summoning a jetpack. If you have trouble doing this, try to say out a command like “There is a jetpack on my back”. Just imagine you have it, tell yourself you have it, and it will be there. :smile:

Also, for trying to make objects or people to appear, say something like this: “When I turn around, there will be a .” Then you turn around, and voila! There it is! :content:

The most common problem about not being able to walk through walls is that you are imagining bumping into them. Just imagine; use your imagination. It will happen if you are imagining it. :happy:

Or summon some explosives and blow up the wall for not letting you through :content:

I recommend You to read Big FAV to do in LD

Here is my list:
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