What Should I Try 2nite?

K i havent been able to induce a lucid dream before (like try a method and it actually work). Maybe that’s since I have only tried like 4 times since I starting reading about LDing over a year ago. I tried WBTB and WILD last nite but when I went back to bed I just went to sleep. Was 2 tired to try to keep my mind awake. I do have lucid dreams though but it seems to go in spurts. Like i’ll have one every couple days for like 2 weeks and it’ll get me interested again and I’ll come to these forums again but not be able to get myself to have an LD. I’ve also never had problems with dream recall. I can recall at least 1 dream a nite. And I come here and read about all these different things to try but I’m asking for some help. What would you suggest I try? And if i go lucid what to try to stay lucid. like spinning or something. Yup so if i get replies i’m gonna read and try every single one of them over th next bunch of nites I’ll get back on how they go to :smile:

A lot of people might find WILD to be a little difficult, but it’s not like anything can actually go wrong. I mean, worst case you’ll just fall asleep as normal. You won’t be punished with 24 hours of horrible bad luck for failing or anything. :wink:

My advice is to try WBTB. Set an alarm or something to go off 6 hours after going to bed, then wake up and write down any dreams you remember. Read over your journal, think about LDs, do some RCs, and just generally get the idea into your head that you want to LD. Return to sleep using any of the popular WILD techniques outlined elsewhere on the site/forum (Sun-Eye, counting, etc). At that point, you’ll either consciously witness the creation of a dream right before your eyes, or you’ll casually fall asleep as normal. Even if you don’t succeed with WILD, it helps greatly to wake up briefly after about 6 hours just to reset your intention to LD, and record any dreams you’ve had so far.

If you succeed, and find yourself in a dream, it’s always worth while stabilizing it before you head off to have some fun. I can list a hundred fancy techniques, but the most important thing to remember is concentration. The more you focus on the dream world, the more vivid and stable it becomes. If your mind wanders, the world will become blurry and you’ll risk losing lucidity or waking up. Walk around slowly, take notice of how everything looks, and try to involve a few other senses. Touch things, feel the texture of the walls, and closely examine everything until you’re satisfied with the level of stability. Some people like to use direct verbal commands as well. Just saying something like “Increase lucidity!” in the dream will often drastically boost the detail and clarity.

Now feel free to have some fun. :content:

When you notice things fading, becoming blurry or too dark to see, remember to stop and try to focus on re-stabilizing the world using whatever worked in the above step.

Let us know how you go, and good luck. :smile:

Thanks Atheist lol you make being a mod Easy :wink:
You said most…good job!

Luvr i can only say once your lucid you can say ever 10 seconds “iam dreaming”…or say your name once, not to often it can also wake you up.
But saying i am dreaming can help in the beginning to realize staying lucid…if you do that in a ld. I did when i first start lding.

Tell us how it all goes ok? :ok:

Well I meant to try what you suggested Atheist and before going to bed I was going to watch some of the Matrix cause yea that movie’s related. But I ended up watching an hour of Ocean’s Eleven and by the time I got to bed it was already like 3 am and I have to get up for work today so 6 hours of sleep is pretty much all the sleep I was gonna get so I set the alarm for 7am instead of 8 when I was planning to get up. When the alarm when off I was pissed cause I was liking the dream I was in. But then I went back to bed and set it for another hour. I thought about WILD for a second but was too tired to really do anything like involves staying awake so I just went back to sleep. An hour later it goes off again and I set it for another 1/2 hour of sleep. Another dream. One day I’m gonna get a hedgehog and name him Oscar just cause of that dream. Anyhow I did the get-up-and-shut-the-alarm-off-for-another-bit-of-sleep thing like 4 or 5 times until it was 9:15 when I finally got up. The last one I think I was almost lucid cause I was thinking about it at the back of my mind and at the end right before I woke up I was like “damn i had the chance to go lucid there” but then i think the alarm went off. I remember 3 dreams from it. I did remember 4 but I forgot one while washing my face.

I’ll try WILD again the next time I have decent enough time for sleeping.

I know exactly what you mean. Often I wake up after 5 or 6 hours and just feel so lazy that all I want to do is roll over and go back to sleep. There are a few simple things that you can do though, like the counting technique. Just lay there counting to yourself: “1…I’m dreaming…2…I’m dreaming…3…I’m dreaming…” and so on. The idea is to keep your mind awake, and on the topic of dreaming. I usually also try to visualize an object or scene while doing this. The more you focus on maintaining an image in your mind, the more chance you have of remaining conscious while you enter a dream.

Try it when you get more time, and let us know what happens. If you have any questions, ask away.