What should you do when you have your first Lucid Dream?

Hey there, I’m still trying to get the hang of having a LD. My question is, if I begin having a LD, what am I suppose to do? As in, what should I do when I have a LD? I’ve been asking my self this question for awhile now. And I don’t know how to summon objects or items in a LD. And sometimes I get nervous to go explore difference areas and the dream usually ends the minute I have a LD. How do you summon objects like a cake or a bed or possibly a sword/katana and give your self magic powers so you can have fun? If anyone can help me out I would appreciate it. :smile:

I like to say that I’m capable of anything and everything in my LD’s without resistence at all. And that’s entirely true except for one thing, and that is summoning Objects. I don’t know if that is a universal difficulty or not, but I find it the most difficult.

I would set manipulation of the dream scene a side for now until you’ve got a hang of LD’s. Try exploring first. I find that for me, sometimes this also helps to prolong lucidity.

Don’t stop and think “What should I do?” Just let it flow naturally, and just simply “do”. [/color]

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Hello Ryuke,
I have a different point of view. I recommend prior planning before getting an LD, otherwise you would go with the flow and harm losing your lucidity or doing something undesirable.

Train yourself in real life what would be to be in a LD, making the awareness focus and the stabilization the priorities and train yourself to maintain control of your excitement.

I really recommend to take it easy when you aren’t very experienced.
Instead of attempting to do impossible things, keep your focus on the lucidity and the dream stability. Learn the feeling of reaching fully lucidity and take a look around your surroundings without needing to rush. After it seems somewhat stable, ponder about your recall. Ask yourself worried about remembering it as something important, it seems to be very effective to encourage your brain to memorize the dream.

Rub your hands, get a hold of the objects around, be assertive that you can keep it stable and vivid.

Then check if you have a DC to have a conversation, books to read there, pictures and horizons to take a look.

Or try listening to or playing music in there, painting, craft sculptures or other forms of art.

You could be very impressed on what you can learn or see in there while still avoiding that hype of superpowers.

Stay calm if it seems to fade, focus primarily on maintaining lucidity that you will be able to reenter the LD even if it ends, unless you really need to wake up.

Good luck.

I agree with Tggtt to try more “normal” things at the beginning of this adventure. I’m not saying that you should “dream small” or not trying to have crazy adventures but first things first.

After all what’s the point of wanting to do wonders when you can’t menage to keep yourself in a dream. Imagine yourself as a child in a dream, first try to stay in the dream. If you menage to do that then that’s already achievement. Second thing walk around, small steps so to say, look around and by doing that try to stay in a dream all the time. You’ll notice that at the beginning(if you are not a natural like Loah) your biggest worry will be actually staying in the dream even though you might be able to do things which are seemingly much more advance then “just” staying in a dream.

Once when you get to know yourself in a dream and the dream, when you realize how is all working together then feel free to experiment.

Also I wouldn’t be so strict about planing every lucid dream although it is very useful. You will be more dedicated, you will actually know what you wanna do, your mind will be occupied by the idea even before you start to dream which is good but once you get more experienced try to loosen up a little bit and let yourself wonder through the dream, awesome things/creatures/places are awaiting to be found.

Good luck! :content:

I have to agree with tggtt… letting go of plans and thoughts is a good way to just lose lucidity, and fall back into a normal dreaming state. That’s kindof what normal dreaming is about really, not having that consciousness. I would say keep thinking about things. Keep taking things in and recognizing them. do what you can to keep your conscious thoughts running…

and i think what you SHOULD do, is join the next LC. That will provide all kinds of things to do. it also gives you more of a motivator than just yourself, which also helps.[/color]

In the back of your dream journal (last page) make a list of all the stuff you want to do. start with simple stuff and work your way to bigger more important stuff. Hope this helped. stay lucid.:smile:

I already planned what i ll do in my First LD! For the moment i only have one objectif in mind! It’s been a couple of months that i though about an Island in the middle of nowhere… Birds singing! Butterflys around … A endless sea reflecting the light of a wonderful sun! This place… Is my heaven, my world, and that’s where im gonna be for my first ld ! I ll stend on the highest part of it and i ll enjoy that moment !

Some good points have been brought up here but I wouldn’t recommend to go talk to DC’s at first since they tend to not agree with the fact that you’re lucid or can make you lose lucidity.
I would recommend to just stay in the dream by controling your emotions, focusing on your surrounding and reminding yourself every once in a while that you’re still dreaming. That done, go have a walk around and have fun. I have found that having an objective is important to have longer LD’s since it keep you focused.

Good luck !

Assure stability and then do something to allow entering a lucid dream to be easier next time.

A few people have already touched on this. My advice … do nothing. Just look around, feel some items, reflect on your mental state and perceptions. Just get the hang of how a LD feels.

When you are ready, I would suggest a task that is easier than conjuring an item or person (which BTW is mostly a matter of expectation I can assure you). Try breaking some physical matter reality laws. Levitate an object, or pull an object over to you through mid air. Again, mind over matter. But in this way, you are dealing with an object you already have in your dreamspace, and learning that you can break laws you are use to . It should give you some confidence and allow for more dramatic things later.

Just take it slow and enjoy.