What skills have you been taught by Dream Characters?

Inspired by this topic in which Letaali and Ellyeve mention that they have been taught skills from DC’s.

I too have been taught skills by DC’s. for example a flying technique where you imagine giant swimming fins on your feet (like diving) and then ‘swim’ with that in the air and a certain tai-chi breathing technique. (Don’t know if it’s really tai chi, it was a tai chi teacher DC that taught me though :smile:.

I’m curious whether DC’s have taught you any skills, either for dreaming or real life practice in your lucid dreams, and how that went about. Did they teach you spontaneously or did you call out to be taught? Have you ever seen the DC since? did you have multiple teaching sessions? and so on. Have you applied it ?

looking forward to your experiences! :smile:

When I was a teenager, I took porcelain painting classes. The teacher instructed me on how to mix paints on a separate tile. We should strictly wait until the previous colour was dry. At that time, I had a lucid dream, where I experimented with blending colours directly in wet paint on the object I painted.

The next day, I secretly did this in class. It went so much faster and the result looked so much better. The teacher was surprised. I still do this with acrylic paint on canvas.

Wow, that’s an amazing technique! I haven’t interacted with any DCs whilst lucid, but that is my next move when I acquire some staying power in a lucid dream.

I have also learned art related things from my DCs. I once was told by this loud manly voice repeatedly that I pressed to hard when I draw and should press lighter, be more gentle. It actually paralleled in reality a few months later during a life drawing session of an elderly man saying the same thing to another peer.
Instant goosebumps and then a chuckle.

A dream character showed me a very interesting way to prevent erosion today. He basically mixed compost and sand, and used the mix as “cement” between stones. It would stay still while it was dry, and later the grass roots would fix everything in place.