What technique are you most successful with?

I want to know what works best for y’all so I know what has the best chance to work for me

Well, you really can’t know what works best for you until you try a bunch of different techniques.

Nonetheless, here’s what works for me the best:

  • Wake-Back-To-Bed, waiting ~20 minutes before lying back down, then doing physical relaxation followed by clearing my mind followed by entering a trance for ~10 minutes in which I use either the MILD technique or simply mentally repeat to myself that I’ll have a lucid dream. (And then I let myself fall asleep.)

What else works for me:

  • WBTB with herbal assists like Calea or Guarana. When I do this, I usually only wake up long enough to write down the keywords of a dream, take the herbs and then I lie back down and focus my mind before falling asleep—paying attention to my breathing as I nod off, and at some point, when my mind feels clear, just letting myself go.

I get the most LD’s when I have some kind of motivation like the Lucidity Challenge and continue to do reality and awareness checks throughout the day. I also use WBTB, though I tend to just wake up and go right back to sleep, otherwise I wake up too much and have a hard time falling back asleep.

As far as actual techniques go, most of my LD’s come from RCILD, DILD, DEILD and occasionally WILD/VILD.

Like Rhewin said, Competition is a nice flame to increase the chances of having an LD. :razz: That being said, I’m currently experimenting with Thorn’s Multi-technique routine. I’d recommend giving it a shot as well. I’m working in frequent RCs and autosuggestion right now, but I plan to do more. :wink: