what the crap? impossible to ld

since a few weeks ago my dreams are not being cooperative.
ill have a funny feeling and do a bunch of RC’s which end up failing, but ill still have a weird feeling.

So then i try to do stuff, anything impossible in real life. It just ends up yeilding “real” results. Then I think “o well, i guess i am awake”.

Then later i wake up and am all like, double-you tee effffff… :confused:

when you reality check, expect them to fail. or when you do anything that is impossible in Real life expect it to work.
If you attempt to fly and you are just doing it to see if you will actualy fly… you most likely have doubts in the back of your mind. So whenever you want to fly try your hardest to get off the ground :smile: and really want to do it. I dont reccomend this in public places like in the middle of class :wink: , so I like to do the nose thing, it works best for me. (pinch your nose and breath in, obviously if you can breath the reality check has failed and you are dreaming :wink: )

LD is definately possible. I’ve been doing it scince 9th grade. I’m a senior now.

Hi Trippopotamus! Welcome to the forum! :wave:

What kind of RC’s are you performing? You could perhaps change your RC and try another one which works better for you.

Exactly. This is one that I figured out all too clearly in my lucid dream last week. I decided to jump through this window so I could fly but the first two times I just smacked into the window. Then I remembered something I read that said you can’t just hope for it to work in a lucid dream. You have to actually expect it to work the way you want to do it. So I did that as best as I could, got a running start and made it through the window effortlessly. :grin:

i see what you guys are saying, but ive had ld’s before.
its just that i have a nagging feeling that i know for sure im dreaming, and i believe it, and then i get all happy and think of cool things to do, but none of them work.

I do the finger rc, breathing rc, small print rc, clock rc, jump rc.
they all fail but i refuse to believe im awake so i keep trying things, only to wake up as soon as i give up. what gives?

although i woke up this morning in a lucid dream, i could swear it was a dream even though everything is perfectly normal as all my dreams are now… i did the finger rc and it failed, so i thought wtf i know im dreaming and this is complete bs so i shook my hand rapidly and stopped it and it looked like 6 fingers so success i suppose. Then i felt completely lucid, but i didnt have the control i wanted.

Things could only happen when i could not see them, such as a person had to come from behind a door and such, i guess i just suck at them but i feel like im being prevented from them.

Any suggestions on how to increase my control, ive yet to lose lucidity once its gained, so how to increase control?

You have to remember to beliece they will fail before you do them because you probably expect them to fail thats why they are. :smile: well good luck

Yeh man, i know what you mean. I had a hell good, vivid ND the other night (dreamt i had telekenisis). It felt so real, even when DC’s actually came up and asked me “are you sure your not dreaming” i did an RC (hand check) and it seemed fine, replying “nah, its real life”…

Really pissed off at myself in the morning…