What the heck was this?


Last night I was thinking of attempting a WILD. So I laid down on the bed and tried to relax by following LaBerge’s intructions from the book (tense muscles and let go etc.)
I lay there for I think 20min and it felt like I had a coat draped around my left arm because it felt a lot bigger then it is. My whole body was numb at this point and I felt it tingling all over. So I was lying there and I realized that maybe my mindset was wrong because it was like I was really trying to get a WILD instead of just letting it happen. I tried to relax even more with my mind and just letting the blur of colors behind my eyelids grow stronger.
Then all of a sudden my neck tensed and my eyes rolled back and my eyelids fluttered extremely fast! It almost scared me at first! But I just kept relaxing and tried not to get too excited and while my eyelids were fluttering really fast I saw stars, like I was in the galaxy, swooshing by like hyperdrive in Star Wars. It was really something! I got too excited though and I started to think too much and the flutter went away and y body went back to just relaxing. I tried to get into my dreams again but then it just felt like my body was spinning and nothing more.

Was this an almost successful WILD???

Yes it was :smile:
Good job. However, you just got somewhat excited at the end, so it ended.
But it was a nice try.

This was the work of SP.
And those colours you saw were HI.

Now that you know what it is, you should let go and let it happen.
It’s really nothing to worry about, since our eyes roll rapidly while we are in the REM phase.

Good luck :smile:

Awesome :wink:

Thanks for the reply. I’m glad I got so far in such a short period of time. :smile: