What the hell! I just had the dumbest Lucid Dream ever!!

God damn it! I want some real lucid dreams! You know what I had yesterday night? The freakin most stupid LD ever :cry:

I was aware that it was a a dream, and I even did some reality checks after I realised it, but still I wasn’t aware! It was one of the dumbest false lucid dreams ever…

So I don’t even remember anything about how I realised I was dreaming, but I did. So after that, I checked some digital clock that randomly appeared I think. I checked, it was maybe 14:32. I looked back and checked again, it was now 18:34, after that 01:30 etc etc (examples) but I kind of didn’t understand it was a lucid lucid dream!

What the hell was that for a miserable excuse for a LD? God damn it give me real LD’s!!! :grrr: :cry: :cry:

It was a mid LD

It was an LD you had, try not to do so many RC’s, once youre sure youre dreaming, try to focus on what you want to do, not to RC

I know that everytime I have a moderate awareness LD, I need to do an RC after everything I do that is fun… (If I don’t, I lose lucidity)… But, like ghostie said…
lay off the RC’s a little.

No guys, it was out of control. I wanted to do it once, but my eyes went back and forth and kind of did it by itself. I was not controlling myself!

Your level of lucidity may not have been high enough, try focusing on an object long enough or staring at the floor to raise your lucidity level, then the moment you look up or away have a task at hand or something you want to do but dont focus on that alone or you may totally lose conciousness and slip back in the dream.

Try to be patient. I know, easier said than done. I’m sure you can do it with practice. (: Getting angry and frustrated isn’t conducive to becoming more lucid in other dreams. Just try, try, and try again. I haven’t been able to become fully lucid yet, so I know just how you feel. I want a LD, but getting worked up will only stress yourself out.

As soon as you know you’re lucid just say “INCREASE LUCIDITY”. It works for me every time.