What the hell is wrong with me?

Why in all my dreams am i smoking cigarettes, in reallife i hate smoking, i ve never smoked anything in my life , and im not just smokin 1 or 2 either, its just 1 after another. is this because i dont smoke in real life and i secretly wann try it or what?

Nah, I don’t think you want to do it. A person can kill people in his dreams, but that doesn’t mean he wants to be a murderer. Maybe they represent something like being cool.

Hope I’ve helped! :grin:

Maybe it is symbolic of another habit/addiction you have that you are yet to come to terms with? Maybe it explore it from that angle?

Maybe you were a huge smoker in a past life :razz:

:uh: blame it on your doppleganger. Ask The Nameless One about them :tongue:

thx for all the help
hey i suppose i could use it as an RC

^Yeah! Like whenever you hear, smell, or see anything to do with smoking cigarettes, look at your hands or whatever RC you like to do. Good idea!

Indeed interesting.If it was me id check two things- first would be my health(lungs especially).Second id look at my habits - maybe you`re getting too addicted to something?
Thirdly- this may mean just anything- your fears of addictions,your fear or tendency to be grown up, coolness like mentioned…many many more.

LOL! Just the opposite. I use to smoke cigarettes IRL, and I never smoke in dreams.
In your case, I believe it must be something symbolic. Perhaps are you admiring someone, or want to look like someone, and he smokes cigarettes, thus you smoke in dreams because it’s a symbol related to him. But it’s just a possibility. Try to observe who smokes cigarettes amongst your friends and relatives, and you’ll perhaps learn more about your dreams.

Maybe you had one dream about smoking, it struck you as odd, and then the dream theme just keeps occuring, because it really stuck with you the first time…after all, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar :content:

Hallo :smile:

since you "hate" smoking in WL, could it be possible that the cigarettes are symbolic of something about yourself that you hate and hold judgement about....and since you are chain smoking....it would appear that there is not much let up...

especially since you ask the question " what  the hell is wrong with me ?" .... sounds to me like you are having a war with yourself....and that sure is hell..{I`ve been there :wink: }

 big hugs from Twinky :tryfly:

Hmmm… that’s smarter than my opinion… :shy:

Man this is some deep stuff, i dident hate smoke all that much, untill i went out with a girl who smoked alot, prob dident help that she was nuts tho.

If you try and surpress something, you are more likely to dream about it.

Doh, those underage members…!it itches me to tell you about a girl i once knew who was smoking cigarettes too.In an amazing way.

Hmmm… Thank you Jack for your great comment… :rofl:

tsk tsk jack.

And I thought my class mates were perverted… :cheer: :cloud9: