What the hell was that?!?

Last night I had something happen to me that has NEVER happened before. Now I have experienced HI SP and everything related to near sleep states I have read about on this site, but this was TOTALLY different.

I went to bed at midnight and fell to sleep at about 12:30. I hadn’t begun dreaming yet and this was the first thing that happened in the night…

There was pure black need then this bright light and loud sound that grew together and then BOOOOM. It woek me up and when i woke up my head really hurt. I looked at the clock I had only been sleeping for like 30 min.

Does any one have any idea what this was?!?

were you dizzy afterwards?
I had a similar experience after just falling asleep while trying a WILD method.
It left me dizzy and nauseous just enough for me to sit up and try to brush it off. Took a few minutes until I felt comfortable enough to try to lay down.

It sounds like extremely intense HI to me… Perhaps there are lots of gradations with HI: from low level to very high level HI. It’s like the LD scale: low level LDs feel quite different than very high level LDs.
Or perhaps it was a burst of chi, a very sudden release of chi after it was blocked and accumulated in your head… This might explain the nausea and headache afterwards. I’m not sure it this is possible though… but I can’t think of anything else…

It was a lot like HI experience, except I had been totally asleep for like 20 min, not on the verge of sleep. At the same time though, this was NOTHING like HI… heh… It was a literal explosion in my head. Liek I said I could my head ache, not like a headache, but I could feel thousands of nuerons burning.

I still have no idea what this was, but I will tell you… last night I had solid dreams all night and two LDs. Throughout the enitre night I had full control of all of my actions, but for the majority of the night I was not lucid (aware that I was dreaming).

I tend to think this event was something on the physical level of my brain, and then an interpretation… If you know what a capacitors is… that is what it felt like. It was like this build up of energy until it reached a threshold that I could see, then it exploded upon me and this is when it felt like my brain hurt… lol. Obviously there wasn’t any brain damage or stroke or anything because i was fine after a few seconds… lol… but I might think that this is releated to some kind of chemical blockade in my brain breaking lose. However, like you said it could be “chi.” That night while I was falling to sleep I was in a particularly naturally altered state of mind for some reason and did experience a powerful half hour of HI. Whatever it was… it was way too intense… and like I said, nothing like HI. Has any one else exerienced this?

Perhaps it was a burst of chi which resulted in a very big release of chemical substances :smile: Hm perhaps Jeff knows about it… he knows everything about neurotransmitters and chemical releases in the brain.

=> toadstool, interesting experience… where in your head did you feel this explosion ???

Prying open my third eye?

I get head pressure with energy work… which could be called “chi” I suppose… I’ve had elecrtical explosions above my head (2 days in a row come to think of it) while coming out of HI but… never any energy sensations with them…

it’s like a firecracker going off on the ceilng, except pure white… it makes an electrical pop and happens in accompaniment to a myoclonic jerk.

Very odd stuff… I think it happened today, but I was really out of it at the time…


Well the explosion is what I saw and then the burning in my head (frontal lobe) woke me up.

umm i dont want to alarm you dude, but the way you described it reminded me of that movie phenomenon. you know where u see the light grow and then boom! he gets knocked on his ass and then his brain is free and he starts reading like crazy and gets really smart and does tk, but in the end it turns out to be a brain tumor.
Have you noticed an increased compulsion to do math problems or are things starts to slide around on your desk?

myoclonic jerk/hypnic jerk, what happens when you suddenly awake from half sleep, accompanied by massive muscle spasming…

that kind of thing.

maybe your brain wasn’t getting enough oxygen? Maybe you have apnea? That would cause the growing light, and then you jerked awake to start breathing again perhaps…

Wow, this is a movie?

puts hand through glass

Gah! The pain! The blood! Noooooo!

Really, I wouldn’t compare a moive to real lfie if I was you :wink:. A tuma in your head probally wouldn’t make you want to do math problem or get tk. It’d probally just, you know, kill you… :eh:

It might have just’ve been a dream (although, a very vivid one)?

Its only happened once… .but I was amazed, because I have experienced absolutely NOTHING like it :smile:

I don’t think it is a tumor :razz: At least I hope not :smile: