What time do you all go to bed at?

I’m thinking that maybe I should go to bed earlier…

I’m usually going to bed/in bed at 1:00 or thereabouts.


Depends how much sleep you are getting.
You should try to maintain regular hours.
Aim for 8 hours each night and your body will be more relaxed.
So going to bed at 1a.m. is ok if you don’t have to get up until 9a.m.!

Also try to wake up naturally…without being woken by alarm clocks etc.

I go to bed between 10a.m. and 1p.m. (I work on night shift). I definately get my 8 hours sleep every night and I always remember at least 1 vivid dream per night.
I haven’t mastered LDing yet but that’ll come with time (I hope).


well… you… COULD say I get my eight hours :neutral:

I get up at 12 or so usually :bored:

way too late as far as I’m concerned… bah…

well I usually only get to sleep at like… 3 or so. I listen to the radio for FAR too long…

Thats plenty of sleep then…it shouldn’t matter what times you’re sleeping at as long as you get your nightly quota of hours.


Night, Night, Sweet Dreams!

I usually go to bed between 11 and 12 pm. Earlier if I’m tired.

Well, I goto bed at 9 pm. I know it’s early but I get so tired all the time. I wake up about 9ish. I am 14, so I think 11 to 12 hours of sleep is about right for me. My friends wouldn’t agree with that!

The heat in Britian, at the moment, has worn me out. So I goto bed at eigthish, but finally get to sleep at about 12, due to being to hot. It’s ironic how the British complain it’s to cold, and then when we finally get heat, complain it’s to hot! :grin:

Technodreamer :cool:

I goto bed at betwen 2am-6am and wake up between 12pm-5pm

:tongue: All depends on how I feel.

I retire at about 11 most nights. This is usually based on the assumption that I’ll be asleep within seconds of resting my head, which would allow my target of 8 hours sleep. It never happens though, so I end up sleep deprived for a few days before finally balancing it out on the weekend where I don’t need to be up at a certain time.

It also depends who I’m talking to on IRC. I don’t like the word ‘junkie’, but… yeah. :wink:

About 11pm, but sometimes 1-2am. Depends on what I’m doing :wink:
I try to sleep for at least 10 hours to remember lots of dreams.
When it’s school I get about 7hrs of sleep, which is a bit too little to have nice long dreams…

I usually get to sleep at about 12ish and wake up at 9ish, so I get 9ish hours of sleep.

My dream recall is really bad. Could this be because I am not waking up during (or just after) REM sleep? Do you think going to bed a bit earlier could help recall??

I try to get to bed around 10 pm because i have to be at work at 6:30 in the morning. Some nights I almost get 8 hours. If i don’t I can’t really remember any dreams at all.

I try to get to sleep at around 11:00 -12:00, but my stupid insomnia keeps me awake for at least 2 hours every night before actual sleep :slight_smile:

I usually go to bed 10:30. Used to be later but I got a crappy hard work job and I gotta get up at 6 to get there on time.

Well, it’s summer vacation (Yay!) so I tend to sleep anywhere from 10PM-2AM, and wake up around 10…But school is tomorrow (Boo), so I’ll end up about 9PM-6AM. Bah.

i go to bed at 3 wake up at 1;30 or 2. I sleep lots.

Well since its summer i usually go to bed newhere from 1-3 and wake up around 2 regardless…sleeps great

I go to bed about 2 am.
get up about 10:00

i get plenty of sleep now b/c it’s summer. but every single morning i get a wake up call from this guy and then i end up not being able to recall any dreams!!! :grrr: very frustrating.

That’s why I dont date. :content:
I wake up at like 2pm everyday which bothers me but I’m afriad to get up earlier because I dont want to cut off potential LD/sleep time. I dont have a job yet since my last one the store closed so I can sleep in like that.
My goal is to go to bed at like 12:30 everynight or at least when i’m not hanging out with people.

wow you guys sleep late. 12:30 AM-WBTB-7:00 AM- 9:00 AM.

I’ve had 3 LDs in a row this way.