What to do after getting lucid?

Okey, last night i sort of had my first lucid dream, i think. The thing i remember was that i lay in my bed, took an RC and it failed, so i got lucid. It felt like I floated up and i started to get excited. It felt like i had a million butterflies in my stomach. And i thought, “calm down”. Because i remembered that I have to not get to excited. But then i got to excited and woke up :sad: :sad: . But i dont know if i just dreamed that i had a lucid dream in a ND , or if i really got lucid. Did i ?

My second question is as the topic reffers to: What to do? I did not really get the time to rub my hands or spin around 'cous it lasted like 20 seconds. Please help me, im really hoping to get a good lucid dream some time :smile:


It was a LD. You knew you were dreaming, so it was definatly a LD.

20 secs should be more than enough to look at your hands/rub them/spin around.
Anyways, as you LD more, you’ll find it easier to hold your exciement and not wake up.

Anyways, congrats on your frist LD :grin:. it may not have been all that good, but now you should find it easier to get more LD’s now :grin:.

woho :happy: , thx.

Ill try it more tnite. :content:

Program yourself in normal waking life what to do in your next ld!
Make a to do list!
And ehm its quite normal to have all this at your first lds :smile:
excitement, early waking, not know what to do etc.

okey :content: .

  1. Fly
  2. Jump in a TV/Mirror
  3. Look at the sky
  4. Be a planet
  5. Fly in the universe
  6. Go on a rampage with a lightsaber
  7. Be spiderman along with having matrix abilities
  8. Eat a lot of dream food
  9. Talk to animals/be an animal
  10. Get a DC to remind me of dreaming in NDs

And sooner or later have sex in a LD.


If you have sex, you’ll wake up (probably before you actually do anything).

To have sex, you should really already be an exerpeinced LD’er. And even then it takes practice to not wake up…

Okey, thanx for the info. Switched it out against beeing spiderman.

But now im going asleep. Wish me luck :content:

That’s not entirely true. i remeber my frist Lucid dream was also my longest and best lucid dream that i have ever had. I had a full sex session in it. and I also flew, and made a door appear just in the middle of the air and when i opened it, it led to the island of tahiti…

lucky bastard :happy::smiley: .
Wish i was so powerfull.

Don’t, you will be, just keep trying. I have been trying to LD for 1 and a half months now, and I finally got my first semi-good LD last night. I had 6 crappy DILDs that lasted a few seconds, this is my onlygood one so far.

And that definately was an LD that you had. If you realized you were dreaming, it’s an LD.

As for the sex thing, I think that is what killed my first ever LD. :sad:

The strange thing is that, or i at least think, that i got lucid before i woke up for doing bendrummins method. Strange