What to do next?

Hi all :woo:

Last night i decided to try WILDing for the first time. I typed the time into my phone so i could look at it later and note how long it took. I lay on my back with my limbs spread out and closed my eyes. I then started to tense all my muscles and relax them, starting from my toes, up through my legs, my BUTTocks (hehe) my back, then down my arms and then stretched each finger. After i felt completely limp, I concentrated on my exhalations, feeling my rib muscles relax.

After a while of concentration on my breathing, i drifted off and thought about random things but not conscious thought, more like half way between that and a dream. I cant remember exactly what but i think it was about skateboarding. Then suddenly i felt a sudden rush which felt like all the potential energy of my body muscles was flowing towards my head. It felt as if my head was separating from my body becoming a separate entity, like a separate orb. I was fully conscious of what was happening and could have opened my eyes at any time but i decided to carry on. I remember it being really difficult to keep my eyes shut, it felt like ridges were forming where my eyelids met. The whole experience then started to fade and i decided to sit up and take it all in. It took just over 15 minutes.

I then decided to try it again, following the exact same procedure only this time curtains of light began to cross my vision. i got the same head rush and the same problem with keeping my eyes shut and the sat up again. This took just under 15 minutes.

So what i want to know is, what should i do next? What comes after what i have experienced and how can I progress?

Sorry for the long post but thank you for reading! :puh:

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all i know is your gettin close. i guess if you go farther you should enter SP. but you have to find a way to enter the dream conciosly. what i try to do is imagine a setting then let it appear infront of me. but thats where i drift off and fall asleep

I tried again last night and managed to stay in the same state for about an
hour, i still could not get beyond that stage.

I also tried WBTB about 4 hours after. Went downstairs to get a glass of orange juice, read the forum for a while and then tried again - with no prevail.

I did dream though. I cant really remember the correct order of events or what happened but it was odd - trapped with a group of people inside a fat woman’s stomach with the entrance way guarded by crocodiles swimming under water, then finally escaping outside to find myself in the middle a car boot sale - odd!

I think you got to what I call the first threshold. I can’t be sure ofcourse, but if you keep at it, you’ll be able to get to the second threshold, which is where it stops for me, because I freak out. I know the feeling of being in my head. Which feels like a sudden shift. How I get to the secnd threshold is to slow my breath down, until it feels like I’m hardly breathing at all. Then at some point, it feels like I lose control of my breath and it becomes, strange, and odd bodily hallucinations accompany it. This is why you should attempt WILD in the mornings, because at this point I must definitely be falling asleep, but I have no dream to enter. I think that’s why it feels so strange. Natuarly, it is hard to proceed from there into a lucid dream. The bad part is I can’t make myself do it in the mornings. I don’t know if this has been informative at all, but meh, you read it all anyway.

No thanks for that.

I definitely felt a bit scared when i experience what ive mentioned but i just decided to venture on. Il have another try tonight and set my alarm to ring about 5 hours from now and try again.

Ive started my dream journal which is on my laptop at the moment and soon to be transferred into a note book when i can find a nice one.

In the past two nights i have been able to recall 9 dreams and the majority of them seem to involve water, but i think its probably a bit too early to think of that as a dream sign.