What to do?

I have got 4 LDs so far. Now i am looking for a technique to learn/use to get more LDs. But i don`t know which technique! I have tried DILD for a while, but now i want something that work better and with a higher chance of success. I also want to learn something to improve my dream-recall, because i am writing my dreams down.

Well, dream recall will improve naturally as you continue to write your dreams down and place more value on your dreams.

As for techniques for increasing lucidity in your dreams, there is no one technique that is guaranteed to increase lucidity on it’s own.

To be lucid in your dreams, you have to be lucid in waking life; simple enough. Be aware of your environment always, don’t be caught in your head all the time, and do reality checks as often as possible.

Thank you for your answer. I will do RC`s during the day. I am also going to read the techniques again and look which one suits me the best.

But when making a RC, make sure you really question are you dreaming or not, because just asking yourself if you’re dreaming or not, isn’t enough, and I learned that in hard way, so really question what are you doing, where are you, etc.

But good luck though!


Oh yes, exactly. I used to do the “casual” reality check. “Am I dreaming? Hm, I know where I am, everything seems normal; Nope, not dreaming!”

Then I wake up. The main thing to remember about RC is intensity! Also, find your special RC; the thing that you can always rely on to tell you whether or not you are in a dream.

Me, I paint my nails green and orange. In my dreams, the orange is always missing, or I have different colors on. Very easy to check and remember. I also wear a bracelet of tumbled amethyst crystals, which look like light and dark purple stones.

In my dreams they are larger, pitch black, completely round, and have a white stripe around them. They also glow blue and make my hand glow as well. Quite reliable indeed. I made myself promise to always wear them; that way I know if I am somewhere other than my room, and do not have them on, I am most likely dreaming.

I have read in the FAQs and Tutorials section and found this techniques that i am going to use/learn: DEILD. If you dont know this is an more easy kind of WILD. You dont move after waking up and you will fall asleep fast.

I also have found this to improve dream recall:
[Improving Dream Recall)

… and if lucky you will be in a LD…

That happened to me, and it’s great felling, because you know that you just fall asleep, and that can’t be nothing else then a dream! :happy: