What to use with WBTB

When you are using WBTB, do you go back to sleep with MILD, WILD, or another technique?

You can do whatever you want. check out the big WILD topic for more ideas.

Hi subconscious!

Like Brad said u can use anything u want as long as u r comfortable with it and u can do it. After i do WBTB i usualy just go to sleep. Sometimes i do MILD and sometimes i go into this trance stage.
Good luck if u decide to do WBTB^_^(which is VErY good 4 DR!! )

Yup,you use whatever u feel fine with.Altough it is said that MILD is to be done before sleep on the evening(btw-mild is basically every thought you think about dreams)and WILD is supposed to be done after u had some sleep.
good luck

I usually try WILD, or just straight back to sleep.

sigh back to school tomorrow… I hate school, I could be doing so much better stuff with my time…