What Was The Craziest Thing You Ever Did In a Dream!

What was the craziest thing you ever did in a Normal Dream or a Lucid Dream!

My last Crazy thing was to shoot at someone with a big Gun ! Lol
Like in GTAV.

I used a chair to shove a woman into the small space between tv stand and the floor. The woman had attacked me and I was just defending myself, but after I saw the bloody pulp that was left of her I was fairly terrified.

[color=olive]-Bullets in the eye/ Uncanny durability

-…Overkill/ Merciless (Again) [/color]

I turned the sun into an icicle and hurled it across the galaxy…
that or when i bombed the planet with myself at like 10,000 miles per hour.

A few things:

  • flying through cosmic space and creating a nebula behind me - this is the the most exact one that I could recreate: Click

  • change the position of the planets in solar system and observing how the planets evolved

  • grabbing my friend from WL in the dream and throwing him into the oblivion (just because he was annoying when I tried to seduce a girl that I wanted in that particular dream)

  • flying (even though very common thing that dreamers do but to me it is one of the craziest things to do in almost every LD that I had and will have)

  • swimming in the lake of chocolate

  • using portals and entering other dimensions

  • teleporting

and so on and on.

I suppose it depends on your definition of crazy.

Transformation is a regular occurance for me, I’ve faught of horde of zombies bare handed, I’ve been in war zones as a soldier, I’ve been a mental patient.

I think if I had to pick one, it would be a big sword fight dream I had last month, dressed in old french euro garb, it was like being a musketeer or something, whole lotta fun.

I had a crazy ND recently where I was in my dorm room jamming some new tunes with PAUL MCCARTNEY. I was laying down some sick drum beats and it was magical and awesome. It was “crazy” for two reasons. 1. It was freaking Paul Mccartney and 2. I play guitar in WL not drums haha :tongue:

[color=olive]Heh nice to know I’m not the only one uppercutting and slamming zombies haha. [/color]

So I had a lucid dream a week or two ago and I decided to check something off of my “to do in a lucid dream” list…

I was in a house and I was walking around checking everything out after I became lucid. I started to stablize a little bit and thinking about what to do. I was walking down a hall and saw a door at the end. I realized I wanted to go strait through the door without opening it, so I walked up and just tried going right through. For a split second there was a bit of resistance, then a light popping feeling and I was through the door and in some bed room. I looked around for a bit and came apon a tv and decided to stick my head inside of it and see if I could climb inside the television because some show was on and I’ve always wanted to try jumping into one. My head popped in like it did going through the door. When I was inside the tv there was just darkness, like an infinite void. About ten feet in front of me was a beam of light about as bright as a steet light, but coming from nothing… I walked under it and just chilled…

Not the strangest, but defenatly weird and recent haha and fun as well. The feeling of going into the tv was almost like the feel of plopping into a dream after a successful wild