what was this

my friend foud a way to induce sleep paralysis for him in around 5 minutes, or at least half sleep paralysis he taought how to do it and he looked funny :razz: well, i can now do it. but after we did it round 3 or 4 times, we felt really funny. it kinda felt like a dream. when i mentioned it, we both did reality checks, we though it really was a dream :razz: well, we felt dizzy, my legs were so unstable i felt like they were gonna fall off, we sometimes saw stuff, we had horrible slurred speaking, and our mouths kept opening thereselves. bassicly in simplest terms, we felt drunk :razz: wut was that???

How, did you do it?

well, its hard to explain really, we let are body do all the work. we just relaxed extremely, sat there stared at a wall or somethin and first our mouths went down for no reason. they we felt are muscles get stiff and stuff and we just let them starrt getting numb till the fall alseep, then the body just does the rest. if someone calls are name will get out of it right away. but after doin that more times the after effects posted above happened. and when they went away, it was the same feeling of waking up in the morning, but we were awake the whole time, strange to describe

Crazyboy I have done the same thing. Do you also get extremely dizzy, and have a weird sucking feeling while relaxing?