What Was This?

When I was younger, from ages 3 to 5, my mum says that I used to wake up in the middle of the night and hallucinate.

I still have one weird memory of when I was about 5 when I woke up and had this horrible urge to draw everything that appeared in front of my eyes (weird I know). I also have another memory when I woke up sleeping in my Dad’s bed staring at my own then waking up again feeling like I was being absorbed into the blankets. It was intense and a horrible experience.

Can you hallucinate spontaneously?

That sounds savant-ish.
Savants have that urge, and they can’t resist drawing…
They are mentally handicapped tho… cough cough

But you don’t get this anymore so I doubt it.
I think everything is fine with you now…Just keep on dreaming.Good luck.

Sounds like you had vivid HH and you had it all the time.