what was this

Last night I was trying to get my first lucid dream but instead I sort of fell asleep I had a dream but it was worse quality than usual and I was able to move my real life body and I kept waking up and whenever I tried to fall asleep that happened all over again.

Moved from General Lucidness. :dragon:

Sounds like you dreamed about being able to move your real life body :smile: When you’re dreaming you know you’re paralyzed and unable to move your rl body. Technically this would have been a perfect opportunity for you to become lucid.

I knew I was dreaming but there was nothing to do cause I wasn’t in the dream

Sounds to me like you might not have had a dream at all.

Well, there’s wake, and there’s dreams, but there’s also everything in between :tongue: I got it was a kind of “twilight zone”, where you were experiencing just HH instead of a fully formed dream. The thoughts loop can happen in such states, you can break it by being more aware of your thoughts.

Yeah, I have to agree with tosyxChor, it sounds like you were just in the stage between waking life and the first stage of sleep. Lots of weird things can happen during this stage, visions, sounds, strange vibration feelings, etc.