What was your favorite LD?

Which LD that you’ve had was the most fun or interesting? The one that’s your personal favorite?

My favorite LD was stupid because it was my only LD and I didn’t get to do anything. I was in my brother’s room and I suddenly realized it was a dream so I was excited but for some reason a little bit scared, and then I just suddenly got this really bad feeling that I don’t think is possible to get in real life. I couldn’t take it and I knew I wouldn’t be able to do anything in this dream while I have this feeling, so I woke up. :bored:

I love reading about LDs that seem fun, and I’m hoping that by reading lots of LD experiences it might eventually end up in my dreams to trigger lucidity. So please tell your best LD.

I’ve only had so many, but my fav would havta b the one where i jus became lucid and that dude from “Happy Days” and “The Karate Kid” and hes had a bunch of cameo like things but anywayz he came in and we started ninja fighting! :cool_laugh:

…i won :wink:

I’ve only had 3 short LDs, but my favorite one would be this morning. After counting 6 fingers on my hand I concluded I was dreaming, and walked through my bedroom wall and found myself outside. I sort of flew/swam through the air for a few seconds and woke up. Not very exciting, but I’m getting there.

I haven’t had more than 20 LDs i think, so among these the one i would choose would be between the one i had that i was in the Cranberries Mansion or the one i kissed Kristen Stewart in the theater, but there are 2 more that i like a bit.

None of these LDs are really that good though.

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