What Wavespell are you born in?

Finding my Wavespell

Okay. So I’ve been to the page https://www.tortuga.com/findkin/findkin.php, and I know what my Galactic Signature is. I’m Kin 123: Blue Rhythmic Night.

Now I wanna find out what Wavespell or 13-day cycle I’m born under. So I look to the Harmonic Module image, that I posted at the beginning of this page. I can see that Kin 123, has one bar and one dot. I trace back

Kin 122 has one bar.
Kin 121 has four dots.
Kin 120 has three dots
Kin 119 has two dots
Kin 118 has one dot.

[note: in galactic notation, a bar represents 5, a dot represents 1]

One dot represents the first, or Magnetic tone of purpose, and the beginning of a new Wavespell. Looking across to the image, for that row, I see the glyph for the “White Mirror” solar seal. I now know that I am born in a 13-day cycle, initated with Kin 118: White Magnetic Mirror.

- Kin 118: White Magnetic Mirror [stage 1: unify, attract, purpose]
- Kin 119: Blue Lunar Storm [stage 2: polarise, stabilise, challenge]
- Kin 3: 120: Yellow Electric Sun [stage 3: activate, bond, service]
- Kin 121: Red Self-Existing Dragon [stage 4: define, measure, form]
- Kin 122: White Overtone Wind [stage 5: empower, command, radiance]
- Kin 123: Blue Rhythmic Night [stage 6: organise, balance, equality]
- Kin 124: Yellow Resonant Seed [stage 7: channel, inspire, attunement]
- Kin 125: Red Galactic Serpent [stage 8: harmonise, model, integrity]
- Kin 126: White Solar World-Bridger [stage 9: pulse, realise, intention]
- Kin 127: Blue Planetary Hand [stage 10: perfect, produce, manifestation]
- Kin 128: Yellow Spectral Star [stage 11: dissolve, release, liberation]
- Kin 129: Red Crystal Moon [stage 12: dedicate, universalise, cooperation]
- Kin 130: White Cosmic Dog [stage 13: endure, transcend, presence]

So, I am Kin 123: BLue Rhythmic Night. This means that I am born under the White Mirror wavespell. The initial purpose focused by the meditative, clear, and reflective energies of the White Mirror, find balance and rhythm in the abundant, dreamtime potential of the Blue Night, at the 6th stage of the Wavespell.

I can then go onto look at the significance of the seals present in other stages of the Wavespell. It’s especially interesting to ponder the role of the seal, at the beginning and end of each Wavespell.


(If I got this correctly…) I’m born under the Red Moon Wavespell. I’m curious though… where can you easily find the meaning of each seal of your wavespell cycle? And what is it supposed to signify?

i’m blue lunar storm(allready knew that) kin 119

So, according to the above posts and acaording to your galactic signature, you’re born under the White Mirror wavespell, sirius)(black. (I still don’t know though if I interepreted it all correctly)

i’m born under the blue eagle wavespell.


Thanks for the explanation nick, i was able to find it that way :content:

hmm… to do your thing too.

[kin=235] Blue Magnetic Eagle [stage 1: unify, attract, purpose]
[kin=236] Yellow Lunar Warrior [stage 2: polarise, stabilise, challenge]
[kin=237] Red Electric Earth [stage 3: activate, bond, service]
[kin=238] White Self-Existing Mirror [stage 4: define, measure, form]
[kin=239] Blue Overtone Storm [stage 5: empower, command, radiance]
[kin=240] Yellow Rhythmic Sun [stage 6: organise, balance, equality]
[kin=241] Red Resonant Dragon [stage 7: channel, inspire, attunement]
[kin=242] White Galactic Wind [stage 8: harmonise, model, integrity]
[kin=243] Blue Solar Night [stage 9: pulse, realise, intention]
[kin=244] Yellow Planetary Seed [stage 10: perfect, produce, manifestation]
[kin=245] Red Spectral Serpent [stage 11: dissolve, release, liberation]
[kin=246] White Crystal World-Bridger [stage 12: dedicate, universalise, cooperation]
[kin=247] Blue Cosmic Hand [stage 13: endure, transcend, presence]

@Alvin, yes, that is right :content: You are born under the red moon wavespell, well that is obvious with you, because your birth marked the start of the wavespell already :smile:

The magnetic kin (one dot) start the wavespell.

Sirius’s kin is blue lunar storm (2 dots) so he only has to go back one kin to find the magnetic kin (one dot) before him, which is indeed White Magnetic Mirror.

It is rewarding to write out the whole wavespell cycle like nick and I have done. Why don’t you give it a try :smile:

Let’s see if I can find members that are born in the same wavespell as I… heads for Book of Kin

edit: Yay! :cool_laugh:

:wave: Moogle [kin=235] (I always forget the tones easily, i didn’t remember you were magnetic eagle )
:wave: Josh Redstone [kin=237]
:wave: AstareGod [kin=240]
:wave: Tiko [kin=241]
:wave: Linunhammas [kin=242]
:wave: Seandop [kin=247]

wow, this kin thing makes you feel connected to people in so many ways :happy:

I would actually like to but I don’t know where you could find the information for each of the seals. Where did you get it?

if you know the number, you type [kin=244] (to get my kin, that is planetary seed).

I know the names by heart, the tones I peeked in explora’s row…

So basically you just copy the numbers of the kin starting with yours is [kin=209] kin=209

so you take all 13 after that, kin=210, kin=211 etc, and then you copy the names out :smile:

for a quick guide look here:

Thanks for the explanations, Pasquale. I think I get it now. I didn’t know the stages followed the galactic tones. So that means that the stages are always the same. Anyway, here it is.


Red Moon Wavespell

[kin=209] Red Magnetic Moon [stage 1: unify, attract, purpose]
[kin=210] White Lunar Dog [stage 2: polarise, stabilise, challenge]
[kin=211] Blue Electric Night [stage 3: activate, bond, service]
[kin=212] Yellow Self-Existing Human [stage 4: define, measure, form]
[kin=213] Red Overtone Skywalker [stage 5: empower, command, radiance]
[kin=214] White Rhythmic Wizard [stage 6: organise, balance, equality]
[kin=215] Blue Resonant Eagle [stage 7: channel, inspire, attunement]
[kin=216] Yellow Galactic Warrior [stage 8: harmonise, model, integrity]
[kin=217] Red Solar Earth [stage 9: pulse, realise, intention]
[kin=218] White Planetary Mirror [stage 10: perfect, produce, manifestation]
[kin=219] Blue Spectral Storm [stage 11: dissolve, release, liberation]
[kin=220] Yellow Crystal Sun [stage 12: dedicate, universalise, cooperation]
[kin=221] Rec Cosmic Dragon [stage 13: endure, transcend, presence]

I think I might go and look for fellow members that are born on the same wavespell too.

Hey Defiance.

You got it!

Yes the thirteen stages of the wavespell, are represented by the keywords of each of the thirteen tones.

As Kin 209: Red Magnetic Moon, you initiate the Red Moon Wavespell. The first day of the wavespell is significant, because it contains the purpose for the entire wavespell. The rest of the kin in the wavespell, represent stages of unfolding of that initial purpose, spiralling out towards a state of “cosmic transcendence”.


Hey pasQuale.

Cool to see your Wavespell out on show! (along with those excellent explanations)


ok, I am [kin=73] kin 73: Red Galactic Skywalker

My wavespell begins with [kin=66] kin 66: White Magnetic World-bringer

[kin=66] kin 66: White Magnetic World-bringer [stage 1: unify, attract, purpose]
[kin=67] kin 67: Blue Lunar Hand [stage 2: polarise, stabilise, challenge]
[kin=68] kin 68: Yellow Electric Star [stage 3: activate, bond, service]
[kin=69] kin 69: Red Self-existing Moon [stage 4: define, measure, form]
[kin=70] kin 70: White Overtone Dog [stage 5: empower, command, radiance]
[kin=71] kin 71: Blue Rhythmic Monkey [stage 6: organise, balance, equality]
[kin=72] kin 72: Yellow Resonant Human [stage 7: channel, inspire, attunement]
[kin=73] kin 73: Red Galactic Skywalker [stage 8: harmonise, model, integrity]
[kin=74] kin 74: White Solar Wizard [stage 9: pulse, realise, intention]
[kin=75] kin 75: Blue Planetary Eagle [stage 10: perfect, produce, manifestation]
[kin=76] kin 76: Yellow Spectral Warrior [stage 11: dissolve, release, liberation]
[kin=77] kin 77: Red Crystal Earth [stage 12: dedicate, universalise, cooperation]
[kin=78] kin 78: White Cosmic Mirror [stage 13: endure, transcend, presence]

This is mine:

Solar Moon day 23
Year of the Red Electric Moon

kin 15: Blue Lunar Eagle
I Polarize in order to Create
Stabilizing Mind
I seal the Output of Vision
With the Lunar tone of Challenge
I am guided by the power of Accomplishment

kin 16: yellow electric warrior (activate, bond, service)
kin 17: red self existing earth (define, measure, form)
kin 18: white overtone mirror (empower, command, radiance)
kin 19: blue rythmic storm (organise, balance, equality)
kin 20: yellow resonant sun (channel, inspire, attunement)
kin 21: red galactic dragon (harmonise, model, intergrity)
kin 22: white solar wind (pulse, realise, intention)
kin 23: blue planetary night (perfect, produce, manifestation)
kin 24: yellow spectral seed (dissolve release, liberation)
kin 25: red crystal serpert (dedicate, universease, cooperation)
kin 26: white cosmic world-bridger (endure, transcend, presence)
kin 27: blue magnectic hand (unify, attract, purpose)

I still don’t know what this means to me, does it mean these are things I am meant to accomplish in a cycle of time or through life. also when I was writing it out it doesn’t seem like there is much difference, e.g. if some was kin 17 there wavespell would very similiar to mine and somebody who started on kin 35 would very similiar as well so if somebody had the same kin as me but were a totally different person in personality what would be thje use of this cycle or stuff ? as I don’t know a lot about it is confusing and hard to know how to use it.

what does this mean ? does this mean I have got mine wrong.

any help would be appreaciated

yes, you have it slightly wrong. You are lunar eagle, that is not a start of a wavespell. The wavespell starts with the kin with one dot (see, yours has 2? ). So what you do, you back to the nearest kin with one dot, the magnetic tone.

one dot = magnetic. (i always forget the names, i find it easier to just look at the numbers, maybe i’ll learn someday :tongue:)

So you are 2-dot, you only have to go back one, and that is kin 14: [kin=14] : white magnetic wizard.

From there on the wavespell stars. So you are born in the wavespell of white wizard, and the following kin are in there:

kin 14 until 26 (13 kin are in one wavespell).

so it would be:

kin 14: White Magnetic Wizard
kin 15: Blue Lunar Eagle
kin 16: yellow electric warrior (activate, bond, service)
kin 17: red self existing earth (define, measure, form)
kin 18: white overtone mirror (empower, command, radiance)
kin 19: blue rythmic storm (organise, balance, equality)
kin 20: yellow resonant sun (channel, inspire, attunement)
kin 21: red galactic dragon (harmonise, model, intergrity)
kin 22: white solar wind (pulse, realise, intention)
kin 23: blue planetary night (perfect, produce, manifestation)
kin 24: yellow spectral seed (dissolve release, liberation)
kin 25: red crystal serpert (dedicate, universease, cooperation)
kin 26: white cosmic world-bridger (endure, transcend, presence)

why does it go back one to the magnectic

and what am I am meant to do with the chart once it is complete, I have read on the other website but nothing there meant anything to me or can somebody explain it plain english without all the fancy language? thanks

because the magnetic starts the wavespell. The wavespell is made up by 13 tones, 1 to 13, the magnetic is the first tone.

For the other question, I hope that explora or somebody else can give more insight :smile:

Eh, i’m not sure i have ever said anything in plain english, because it is not my native language. But the wavespell starts with dot one just because it is what the wavespell is - a sequence of thirteen days, starting with dot one. Like if somebody is born in july - it is a month starting with july 1st, never somewhere in the middle. All the dreamspell is made of wavespells (and many other “building blocks”, interweaving with wavespells, too). And what they mean… eh, who knows?

Hi Samzen

Yes as pasQuale points out - you are born in the “White Wizard” wavespell - so named because the 13-day cycle you were born in, began with the White Magnetic Wizard.

The Dalai Lama is a White Magnetic Wizard. The wizard represents the power of receptivity and enchantment. The Wizard, is like the Shaman - who through stilling one’s mind, is able to hold a space for a greater awareness to enter. When I think of the Wizard, I think also of a poet, since a true poet allow themselves to become a vessel for thoughtforms laden with meaning and purpose.

Numbers in the dreamspell have greater meaning, than simply symbols in a calculation. They represent specific frequencies or pulsations of awareness, and are embedded with energy and meaning. The meaning however takes form, only when we make the effort to engage in self-reflective activity.

The Wavespell has a particular mathematical structure and form. Each of the kin in the 13-day cycle is intimately connected to the unfolding of the purpose initiated at the beginning of the 13-days. So for example, the Blue Lunar Eagle - being the second stage in the White Wizard wavespell, is challenging what is received through that initial receptivity, and trying to grasp it’s meaning through the expanded vision of the Eagle.

You might wanna consider for yourself the significance of this process? Relating it to the way in which you live your life.

Certainly learning about the Dreamspell, seems like a jargon-filled task at times, and often it’s quite confusing. It takes TIME to work through and begin to freely associate and identify with the meaning there, but soon enough it becomes almost second nature - and that’s when it get’s a little more exciting.

Creatively planning and putting out intentions to the world - knowing they are in alignment with the collective mental field, can be quite empowering.


But what does the place of the kin in the wavespell mean in particular? Sort of the place you are to take in the “circle of life”?

so you allways go back to 1 dot(magnetic) and you go on untill 13(cosmic)?
then mine’s

[kin=118] 118: white magnetic mirror
[kin=119] [i][u]119: blue lunar storm[/i][/u]
[kin=120] 120: yellow electric sun
[kin=121] 121: red self-existing dragon
[kin=122] 122: white overtone wind
[kin=123] 123: blue rythmic night
[kin=124] 124: yellow resonant seed
[kin=125] 125: red galactic serpent
[kin=126] 126: white solar world bringer
[kin=127] 127: blue planetary hand
[kin=128] 128: yellow spectral star
[kin=129] 129: red crystal moon
[kin=130] 130: white harmonic dog