What worked for me

Looking at my hands did the trick! For the last few days, I’ve gotten pretty good at remembering to look at my hands whenever I wake up (which happens a few times in the night), as well as several times a day. If I feel wakeful, sometimes I try wacky things like moving my hands in front of the computer screen and counting fingers, making sure the number doesn’t change. At night, I barely have the energy to wave them in front of the clock so I can see.

Last night, I told myself it would be easy, and my subconscious beat me over the head with DS until I figured it out.

The cats woke me and I thought about writing down my dreams but I felt too tired. I thought I should look at my hands, but my hand stubbornly remained wrapped around the pen. (FA?) I roused myself and made some quick notes.

Then I got up and fed the cats and went back to bed, thinking here’s another try at WBTB, LD is easy, they’ve come spontaneously, I can do it again. As I fell asleep, I remembered the dream I had just had with three raspberry desserts and how nice it would be to just eat them all without worrying. (MILD, right?)

I had a couple vivid NDs. Towards the end I was asking a young gorilla who looked perfectly human (DS#1) if he was having fun.
“What is fun?” he asked.
I had to think. “Fun is when you do something and it feels good.”
He didn’t buy it.

I turned and in the distance, there was a horse being lowered/picked up from the top of a tree. (slightly bigger DS#2) The way it ran in the air looked like bad computer animation. (even bigger DS#3) I looked up the cable and saw tons of stuff, two immense globs of things like gigantic chandeliers stacked up in the sky. (HUGE DS#4!)

“This can’t be real,” I said. I was still in doubt. Everything seemed so real. So I looked at my hands.

I saw seven fingers on my right hand, an extra thumb and forefinger on the wrong side! Woo-hoo! I did it! :cool_laugh: I was very impressed with how fully realized the image of my hand was.

So I turned over and started making love to my husband in two places at once. He woke in confusion and asked what was happening. I knew I was both dreaming and having an OBE watching myself caress him. I told him, “I’m kissing you.”

I woke feeling very energized. :bounce:

Looking at your hands is very useful. It can be an induction technique, when you search your hands in dreams. It’s a good RC too. And when you stare at your hands from time to time in a LD, it gives you a lucidity boost and it prolonges LD’s. And when you can no more see anything, you still can rub them and the dream reappears. :smile:

I have found that looking at my hands increases lucidity. It’s also just fun to do, because they are NEVER normal. (Mine tend to have super exageratted finger prints/palm lines and be wavy and getting larger and smaller)