What worked for YOU?

What method worked for you? What got you to start having lucid dreams? I want to have lucid dreams but I don’t really want to do some constant, time consuming method that you have to master. All I’m doing right now is trying to keep a dream journal and do reality checks in reality so I can hopefully eventually do them in dreams and see it’s a dream.

I think I’m getting a little bit closer, because two nights in a row I’ve had dreams where I was thinking about lucid dreams or reading about them or something.

For my first LD I constantly practiced the WBTB method. I believe that you can obtain LD’s by this method without long term familiarization with lucidity and the exercises. If you are well rested and get a good 6 hrs. of sleep, wake up, obtain wakeful consciousness for 45 min. by performing some physical activity (walking, reading, stretching) and get back to sleep in a short amount of time it should be simple. Routine is very important. I’ll be sure to keep you updated if I develop any break through method. :cool:

Hmmm…with the LD’s I have had there were different things that worked. My first LD’s happened through doing constant RC’s during the day. Eventually this filtered through into my dreams. This method took a long time though, I had been doing it for months, but I really had to intensify the number of RC’s I was doing for a while before I got results. I remember reading somewhere you need to do at least 10 RC’s a day…well with me that was bs. I needed to be doing about 50-100 a day!

I have also had a few wake induced LD’s, usually initiated by focusing on having them as I fall asleep. I had one recently as I fell asleep listening to an interview with LaBerge that someone (Djem?) had linked to…the post with the link is about somewhere here…

I also found having daytime naps with intent to become lucid were good…I have actually had some OBE’s during naps.

The one thing I have found is that LD’ing takes effort, on my part at least. We are talking about quite a radical shift in perception here, and for this shift to occur one needs to be willing to give it a lot of time. Or maybe I am just one of the unlucky ones :eh:

To be quite honest though, I am quite enjoying the challenge now of trying to master LD’ing. At first when I didn’t get immediate results I would allow myself to get really frustrated and angry…now I find the whole exercise of trying to master it has given me better concentration…better dream recall, more vivid dreaming…better self awareness…even though I am not as adept as I would like at LD’ing, I have still improved in many areas that needed adjustment, At the end of the day, I refer back to the old maxim “You get out what you put in”. Anyways…best of luck!

I started just with RC and the dream journal. Now I’m working on a combination of WBTB and MILD. I’ve got some pretty cool results. After one night (which happens to be last night) I had almost become lucid twice and experienced a bout of SP for the first time. Now the SP was cool, let me tell you!

hey, i started with just a dream journal and reality checks.
i had my first lucid dream the first day i rearranged my sleep- slept 6 hours, stayed actively awake 3, then slept another 2. like a miracle. that was also the first night i could afford to sleep that much because i got into all this durning exam week. you need to sleep to dream, i guess :wink:

the first and only time i’ve had a full LD was after i had been RCing, writing in my dream journal, MILD, and reading the forums on this site. If you do this I’m sure you’ll have one too.