What would be your dream dreamworld?

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This is basically a follow-on from the thread “The afterlife is like a LD” which can be found here: ld4all.com/forum/viewtopic.p … highlight=

I thought it would be interesting to find out what people invision their dream life or dream world to be like, or what their image of heaven is. We all have a dream job, a dream house, a dream car… so what would your dream paradise be like?

I will give you an example of mine:

A planet similar to earth, except it has 2 other planets and a huge moon orbiting it which are always visible even during the day. One of the other planets is tourquise purple with rainbow rings around it, the other looks like earth. There is also always aurorae in the sky and the weather is always perfect. I live in a giant pyramid which looks like the egyptian pyramids from the outside, but inside it is very modern with all the best technologies, i have rooms for everything… a gym, arcade, heated pool, etc, etc. The garden outside is very zen-like with a nice fountain, some nice big areas of grass with garden beds and beautiful flowers everywhere, some stepping stone pathways, small ponds with small bridges and a few statues around. Looking out from the entrance to my pyramid to the left are green hills, to the right a green grassy field that stretches to the horizon, in front a calm lake with a small island in the middle with a nice shady tree. Looking past the island are mountains with ice peaks, there is also lots of forest tree’s leading up to the mountains and a cliff with a waterfall going into the lake, and a small stream nearby that runs off the lake. Behind the pyramid is the ocean with nice white sand, palm trees and warm crystal clear blue water. I am like god in this place, i have god-like powers… can create and change anything i want, fly, teleport, etc, etc. and i live with my wife who is my soul mate and the most beautiful and perfect woman ever created.

well thats my perfect paradise… whats yours? :cool:

wow… there are too many to count

now, i love movies, i love games, i love writing stories. Actually, writing is the hard part, since i am rather imaptient and easily distracted, but thinking them out in my head is easy enough.

I love imagining things. A wire hanger overall has given me more entertainment then TV and video games combined.

There are so many worlds i want to make in my dreams. Like when a ideo game says “limitless possibilities”, take that and square it :razz:, that’s about half of what i got.

there is the medieval world of magic, all of my own design, the futuristic city of super heroes, and countless more i havn’t even considered yet

When i want to make my dreamworld, i want to spend tons of time making it. I really want to give each Dream cahracter a personality, a schedule, a whole life. I want to set rules in my dream worlds, and follow them. I want to have trouble distinguishing the dreamworld from the real world

that’s what i want my dream world to be like.

of course, there will be unincorperated space in my mind for abusing dream power :smile:

Well… I know I’d want a part of my world to be an old, old city with tall buildings built close together… but when you’re on their rooftops you can see for miles! And the city would be unpredictable!! AND FUN!! As it usually is in my dreams.

I pretty much want all of my dream environments to come together as one… but that’s one of my primary wishes.

a medieval world of magic, or a futuristic city full of super heroes would be pretty cool.

but for me its somewhere that would be beautiful and peaceful, somewhere i could spend eternity living in.

An enchanted forest under a silver moon, shady during the day and stunning at night.

Nothing and nobody I don’t want. Eternal peace and freedom.

I have thought about this and my dream dreamworld would be different to my idea of paradise and my ideal world.

My Dream Dreamworld
I would have to be fully lucid and be able to invite anyone I wished to share it with me. Sometimes this may be just one person, sometimes many. Since it is a dream I don’t need to worry about the appearance of it since it can be changed at whim and i can go anywhere and to any period in time.
Being able to invite others is the most important thing even more than the lucidity since being alone would be a dream hell not a dream world.

Being in full communication with everyone I have or could have a bond with. Love, understanding and the accumulation of knowledge would be the main features of this place.

Ideal World
No dream job … I would have enough money and a good network of friends so would have no need for work.
A good sized house, big enough to accomodate guests. It would be built within it’s landscaped grounds. There would be dedicated rooms for games etc and an indoor swimming pool.
I would have good means of transport … a car with driver, private jet and private boat :smile:
In order to enjoy this, there would have to be world peace. Everyone would have what they needed and would be content if not happy. There would be no evil intentions in the world and good cures for mental illnesses and physical illnesses would have been discovered. Finally there would be no pain … only a little discomfort for safety reasons :wink:

[edit 5 mins later …] May be a partner to share it with but it would have to be a really good relationship :yes:

you could actually think about your dreamworld before you goto sleep which is basically the VILD technique (Visually Induced Lucid Dream) where you visualise what you want your dream to be about, try to recreate it in your minds imagery like your actually there, and you plan out what will happen that will make you lucid.

its also been shown by the people who made the documentary called “The Secret” that if you write down your desires and picture them frequently, or draw it up, its more likely to happen. You find that when you start writing down what you want and how you want it to happen, that you come up with more details than you originally started with - this applies with dream diaries too!

I think i will definately start doing a drawing of my dreamworld, even if its going to be crappy i would like to get a basic idea for myself so i can perhaps teleport there in my next lucid dream. I’ve gone to the crossroads a few times, and its basically the same sort of deal, although its not exactly as the picture, it looks similar… so it shouldn’t be too difficult to do the same with a my own picture of something else.

My dream world:
Nothing to complicated. Maybe a forest, or in the clouds, or perhaps an island. I could go into detail, but im a person who loves frequest change, even if its not pleasurable, it shakes life up. can my dream world be one that i can change? that would be the best for me

of course.

its your dreamworld, it can be whatever you want it to be.

oh thought you meant jsut a world where you had to live. freedom is happyness to me

I’m surprised no one has said Cyrodill. I have many Ideas for a dream dreamworld and thst would be one of the Favorites.

i put way too much time into that game man. although now that you mention it, its fun, exiting, theres danger, adventure, and its hella pretty. good choice

My dream dreamworld would be like gotham city(batman). But i’ll live where batman lives, about 1 mile away in a stunning mansion, on a stunnungly beautiful peace of land, on a cliff that hangs over a stunning ocean view. Then when i feel like i need some adventure and action, i’ll go to the bat cave and get in my batmobile and go fight some crime!! :gni: STUNNINGLY! :ok: The weather will concsist of sunshine, rain,thunderstorms(not all the time…i like thunderstorms),summer, spring and a short winter. It’ll be nighttime whenever i go fight crime. I’ll be free to do whatever i want!

If you couldn’t tell…I’m batman!

But how??? Only a select few know my secret identity? Promise to me you’ll never tell anyone. :wink:

hah hahaha :razz:

My dream world would probobly be something like tron. haha