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I don’t know if this is the proper place to put this… i didn’t want to start a new topic… but what would you define false awakenings? like I go through my dreams like I was awake… and the craziest things happen sometimes and i go “WOW!! THATS AWESOME!!” does that count? how would i counter act this? its not like I get out of bed everytime… sometimes… yes i do… I wake up in strange places and make reasons why i’m there

Gothiclullaby, this question would get a more proper response if it is in it’s own topic so I split it from the “Lucidity Database” thread.

A false awakening usually requires a certain amount of lucidity. There must be an attempt to or a sensation of “waking up” from the dream, and this would mean you are lucid if you realize you are waking up.

Once “awake” if you find you actually didn’t wake up, but entered another dream then this would be “false awakening.”

A FA isn’t going through the dream like you are awake. It is experiencing a “wake up” but it was actually just a transistion into another dream. … a false awakening.

I’ve tried to do reality tests all day and even write “lucid” on my hand to remind myself… but my realization into my lucid dreams just kinda pop into my head… one was “how did i get here… i was just sleeping on the couch” and “I bet when i get back they’ll be gone” was the second… the third was when i saw a dream character again… he hasn’t come back in a while tho

would it be for example

I realized i was dreaming and became lucid… I tried to call on my spiritual advisor and they didn’t seem to show up because i was asking everyone in sight (there was a lot of people) then some kid and his friend came up to me and i asked them if they were my advisors and the shorter fatter kid picked me up and held me upside down and told me “you dream will soon end” it went all black then i poped into another lucid dream shortly after…

A false awakening is the event of appearing to wake up during a dream period, lucid or not. They are usually non-lucid (after the false awakening). They usually bring you into an environment like your normal sleeping place.

When you popped into another lucid dream, did you feel like you had just woken up? i.e. lying down?

An FA is when you dream of waking up. These happen quite often from LD’s, but can also happen completely randomly as well carrying on from ND’s (especially nightmares) - you ‘wake up’ and then think of the dream you just had.

I’m sure you’ve seen on TV programs and in movies, where someone wakes up… and then they wake up again (usually for real the second time).

FA’s are usually very realistic… but for the record - aren’t always. (so it’s pointless trying to define an FA by how realistic it was).

Every LD i have takes place in my bedroom, meanign that in a normal dream i quickly notice something is wrong, and then BOOM, i wake up in my bedroom and immediately know im in a dream (im starting to question if this is an OBE because everything is PERFECTLY real), most FA s occur in your own bedroom, sometimes you wake up in a place that resembles your bedroom, but it quckly changes to some other place.

I think FA s are a type of effect of semi-lucidity.
During a FA you “wake up” into a dream, and then relize that the previous enviroment was a dream. Your mind is questioning and concluding that your enviroments are dreams, but it may not be the enviroment your perspective is presently in. . . . but if you can recognize a FA I think it means you are on the edge of lucidity. It’s not lucidity until you conclude that your present enviroment is a dream.

FA’s are pretty common yes, and can be highly annoying if you don’t recognize them as dreams. I wonder though if there are recurring elements during the previous dream which might suggest that you’re about to have a FA. Because, if you’re lucid during that dream, and if you recognize these elements, you might already think like “oh I see, so if this dream ends now, I will wake up in a FA”. Knowing this should help to remain conscious during the transition into the FA. Also, what exactly triggers a FA? Do we know anything about that?

I think an FA might be a way to trick you into thinking you’ve woken up, whilst actually you’re still asleep.

For example, in a nightmare you’re afraid. Fear, if dished out in small amounts, is probalbly good for you (which is why we have nightmares). However, once the nightmare goes over the top, you’re subconcious would want to wake you up (which is sometimes why you gain lucidity in nightamres - so you can either confront the fear or wake yourself up).

However, waking up would mean a loss of sleep time, so instead your subconcious gives you a FA - which both calms you down AND keeps you asleep.

They can also be caused when you expect to be woken up by something (eg. alarm clock). So, once again you’re subconcious tries to trick you into remaining asleep by giving you an FA at about the same time you’re alarm clock would go off.
However, nothign your subconcious can do can stop the alarm clock, so it’s kindda futile in that regard.

In another case, when your sub-c has decided you’ve been lucid for long, and should go back to normal dreams, it could give you an FA.

Or, if like me, you take a RC everytime you wake up, you’re sub-c could start to give you FA’s simply to give you LD’s (I get a fair few LD’s from FA’s).

Of coarse… all of that is just theory and ramberling, but it makes sense, doesn’t it?

That does make sense Sureal :smile: There must a beneficial reason that everyone experiences FA s.

Yes that’s an excellent explanation. I’ve never seen it that way.

Good one! :smile:

i hate false awakenings…whenever i have them…i get so pissed off because i go through like a day of school or something…and find out its a dream at the very end. i wasted a perfectly good chance to do whatever i wanted :sad:

You should start aking a RC everytime you wake up then :smile:.

good idea :smile: