What Would You Do Were The Afterlife A Lucid Dream?

Howdy. First post here. The name’s Bimma.

I stumbled upon this forum while looking up “the afterlife is exactly like a lucid dream” on Yahoo. I came upon this link: [The afterlife is like a lucid dream)

Very, very interesting. I’ve read the whole thing. I recommend it to anyone who hasn’t yet read it. The subject of this topic flows through the same vein, but instead of asking whether or not the afterlife is an LD, it asks what you would do if it were.

What better way to start out than answering the question myself?

First, I’d start by creating a Home Base (HB). Perhaps a room, or an island, or a spaceship, etc. But the HB is going to act as my control station. I would be the only one allowed in the HB and it is also where I would go were I in want of a break.

Second, from this home base, I would create my first world. It would be an exact replica of the world I just departed (Earth). I would then fast forward to the day I was born. I would then create a body filled with all the memories I had in place of the original me, so to speak, and enter it. I would, in effect, be starting my life over, but from the view of having already lived my life. I would also retain all the power in the world. This first life would be spent perfecting myself and going after the love of my life (who shall not be named). It would essentially be my Heaven on my Earth.

Then, I would go back to my HB alone and create an entirely new world, but one in which the love of my life resides. And I would do this over and over again, creating many and many worlds, finding as many ways of falling in love with her as possible. My Heaven in my Heaven, if you will.

Granted, I will do a many other things while this is going on, but I’m only listing my top priority.

So, I ask you, what would you do were the afterlife an LD?

Keep on dreaming :smile:

I would be very disappointed and endeavor to have a shared lucid dream with others. So I would try to contact others in the same state esp those that I already know from my past life.

I guess I’d become a god at some point, as everything else is going to get boring after a while. I’d create a universe and then just let time flow and watch.

Yea I would defiantly start to have a feeling of loneliness.

According to the topic that it links to in the original post you can cross over into other people’s. The first thing I would do is this, and visit my family, friends and pretty much everyone I knew when I was alive.

I think I’d try to go to sleep for a while.

Then I would sit.

Look around. Observe.

Wait. Contently and patiently.

Wait for something to come to me. A sign, a person, or an omen that suggests I do something. Then I’d do that while continuing to observe, look around, and wait…contently and patiently.

The afterlife an LD…

I guess the first years would be spent with creating an own world, a universe, people… and then do basicly everything I could imagine to do. in the process learning more and more…
As the flow of time goes on, I would start to feel rather lonely, creating beings, complex, but always mere shadows of true beings. perfecting them, more and more complex, to push away the lonelyness. But this can’t last forever. Since you have done so much in a time so long that you lost count a long time ago, You would perhaps even start forgetting about real life completly, many many years later, Life would be nothing more than a half remembered dream… I guess I would go one making the world more and more complex, watch what happens, take action when you see something go wrong. But after a While, all these small things happening would start feeling so puny, unimportant, and you would stop taking action all together, just watching what happens, as a silent observer.
Your former life possibly completely forgotten, you’re only purpose left is watching how you’re world evolves, continues to grow on it own, and me, just observing, till the end of time that will never come, somehow still feeling this emptyness…
somehow waiting, waiting, to wake up once again to this half remembered dream, or was it life??

I would create my own world and then become a genocidal dictator god over my own people. I would never get bored from that.

I’m not quite sure if that’s actually a good thing… :eek:

Not particularly good, but allowed, since it is your dream - your rules. It might be evil, but it is fun to be on the dark side, since you will have cookies as well.

Yes, I will have lots of cookies. I will force my people to work in Keebler factories that produce thousands of Pecan Sandies for my consumption.

I would enjoy it for a while and later I would choose to be “reborn” just like in a movie but I don’t think I would be a human again… I like to be a bird or something else that can fly… :fly:

Oh and just for the record, I love this movie and it was the one that motivated me to have first lucid dream and it motivated me to explore lucid dreaming…

Hm… Just thought of how boring it would be after you’ve done everything imaginable. Maybe you’d just want to cease to exist at some point?

The nickname I chose may give the impression that I am somewhat acquainted with Buddhist terminology, but I’m not… nonetheless the above thought reminds me of what people usually call nirvana.

Just some loose associations here, please don’t interpret too much into it… thought it may be worth sharing nonetheless. :grin:

I never studied Buddhism to any great length but it is a fascinating religion. I think they believe for (47?) days you do wander through the things you loved in life but warn you not to get caught up in them. If the afterlife is a lucid dream maybe for just a limited time until rebirth. Maybe the people who are just normal dreamers even the ones who don’t remember dreaming at all come back as a lesser life form because they didn’t use both their waking AND dream potential! Non LDers come back as snails? But we’ve all observed dogs running and barking in thier dreams so they’re practicing for a LD afterlife!

I myself am an atheist. I don’t really believe that there is any afterlife out there for us, so my goal is to enjoy the LDs I have in the here and now, since that’s all there ever is going to be for us. It’s definitely a wonderful thought though. That was my concept about the afterlife when I was still a theist.

:colgate: Heh if it was I’d dream on, achieving goals, partying, exploring, meeting new rivals, brawling, creating music, suffling, free running, makin my dream house, training, and being a protector…Eventually I’ll try to link my dream w/ others like a shared dream…:dream:

Oh, I just thought of a better answer to this question (hm, I thought I’d replied to this some time ago…). Anyway:

“I would do everything I can’t/couldn’t do in my lucid dreams while alive!” :lol:


I can imagine it would get really lovely after a while. Sure I’d have fun with flying and super powers and all that, but in the end I think I would try and lose my lucidity. I’d be happier not knowing that everything and everyone around me isn’t real.

At first I would be like “Holy crap, there is an afterlife!”

Then I would do the exact same thing that I do in my life now: try to enjoy every second of it!