What Your Sleeping Position Says About Your Attitude

Yup,you guessed it.Our attitude leaks into our sleep basing on the way you sleep.It’s not surprising when you think of the fact that the average human spends a third of their life sleeping.If you want to know what your personal attitude is,here it is,be sure to post what your sleeping position is!I would love to hear them! :cool_laugh:

Ok,let us commence the typing!

1)Log Roller
This type of sleeping position would be the sleeper rests on their side,legs extended straight and arms in place.It is the second most famous sleeping position out there.Although the sleeper looks stiff,a sleeper with this position is anything but rigid and cold.These sleepers are typically social and easygoing people.They converse with any kind of people but can prefer running with an A-List crowd.They are also very trusting,which makes them seem gullible to outsiders sometimes.This position keeps you in alignment making it one of the best positions for back and neck pain.Adding a pillow can ease discomfort.Though it does not do good to the spine.

2)The Yearning Dreamer
Position:Snoozes on their side,but this time,their arms are stretched out in front of them like a mummy.

This is related to the log.These type of people are inviting and open,but they can be suspicious of new friends and acquaintances.They are slow and deliberate to decision making but once their minds are set,they are forward on the path.Good,reliable friends.

3)Sleepy Soldier
Sleep Position: Sleeps on their back,arms on their side,like standing in full attention.

Up and at 'em seargent!These sleepers live up to their name.They are strong,silent and focused people who do not like a big fuss.They love structure and take themselves very seriously.This means they can also have high expectations for themselves very seriously.This can lead to snoring.This is the best sleeping position since it helps your spine and neck be in proper alignment.This decreases the chances of premature wrinkles but can make you snore as you get bigger.This happens because our big ol 'pal gravity forces your tongue to the back of your throat,restricting your airways.This is also a bad position for those suffering sleep apnea.

4)The Shooting Star
Truly unique,sleep on backs,with legs stetched and arms stretched beyond their head,like starfish on land.

This is the least popular sleep position by numbers.These type of people may have an unconventional style but they are very loyal friends and make friendships a great priority.They are supportive,loving,acting as a sounding board for their friends’ problems.Unusual position and offers an insight to sleep personality that is unique and one of a kind.This also increases snoring and is not great for sleep apnea also.

5)The SkyDiver
Position:sleeps on stomach,heads to one side.

These type of people have downright open,playful and fun personalities.They are to the point with what they want but sometimes this comes off to a brash :dingy:.They tend to be risk takers.They may be free spirited but are secretly anxious and crave control of a situation.This does increase back and neck pain though.On the plus side,this leads to a more spiritual feeling and is aligned with someone who loves to have fun

6)The Baby
Sleeps on a fetal positions.Sleeps on side with legs curled up.This is the most popular sleep position of all.This all makes sense,since we did have this sleeping position once on the womb.This position decreases the amount of sleep interruptions.These people tend to be a bit more reserved and cautious,when it comes to new people.They are kind,sensitive and cuddly interiors.

These type of people sleep in all positions.

These type of people have all the personalities traits from every type of sleeping positions.They are easygoing sensitive people who love making others laugh.

Q:What is the best sleeping position?
A:Your back and your side are your possible sleep positions and are the best to relieve back pain

Q:Is it Ok to sleep without a pillow?
A:It definitely is ok to sleep without a pillow,even if it is old,I do

Q:Is It better to sleep on the floor?
A:As long as you would be ok but would not be advised as it gives bad cramps,but if you do not have a good spine,it would be ok to sleep to help realign your spine.

Q:Do Pillows Or Mattresses Or Covers affect your sleep quality?
A:Yes,it surely does.If you feel discomfort,you should change them straight away

Q:How can you improve sleep posture?
A:As long as you keep your neck and back(spine) in a neutral position,that would improve your posture.

Q:Is it ok to sleep on the side?
A:Yes,in fact,this is definitely one of the best sleep positions out there.As long as your body is supported in a way that supports the natural curve of your spine,you should have no issues on your side.

Q:If I sleep on side,which side is best for me?
A:Personally your left side would be good,sleeping on the right would restrict the blood flow and may put pressure on the liver.

Hope this helped,which sleeping position do you sleep on.I will reward each and everyone of you a cookie because your sleeping position is unique. :cookiemon:

Questions regarding sleeping positions can also be posted here

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TheAstralDreamer Out :toilet: !

My sleeping position:

Position:Any position

Im guessing @pasQuale and @moogle and @Eilitan and @Siiw have either Sleepy soldier or log roller or freelancer,or prove me wrong :ebil:

I’m actually a skydiver, so I’m proof that the personalities don’t always match :siiw:

Ok nice!I guess I was wrong,You win! :siiw:

I slept on my stomach today but normally am a freeelancer.What do you mean by this by the way,I do not get you,I am confused. :ebil:

@Lumiscnt, I meant that even if i sleep like a skydiver, the personality that is described for it doesn’t fit me.

There is something else though.

Depending on mood, I either “curl up” to sleep or “stretch out” to sleep. It depends on how safe and relaxed I feel. It feels better to curl up if I am worried or stressed. Maybe sleep positions are affected by mood so much that it makes sense to assign personalities to the positions.

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For me the sleeping position depends a lot on what I’m doing. When I’m meditating/relaxing before sleep, I lie on my back. This is actually one of the most uncomfortable positions for me but it feels most balanced on my body.
When I sleep normally I usually curl up on the side (with varying degree of curling).
Sometimes when I feel a bit happy go lucky, I sleep on my belly. I also often assume this position when I wake up very early in the morning and go back to sleep. I don’t know why, it’s a bit weird. When I was younger I didn’t do this.

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Aah, so that is it!? Hmm, I guess personalities work differently… +

Yes, same.
When I was little, I would be the baby position, the position ch anges for me everytime

Is there any personality trait associated with someone who likes to push their face/forehead against the wall to sleep? Because that’s what I do.

Maybe eccentric is the right word? :lol:

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Wait, what? :eek: I fail to imagine what that looks like in a remotely comfortable way. On which side of your body are you resting and is the wall at the side of your head or the long side of your body?


Hm splash, do you sleep by side or front or back, ill figure yours out for you.?

As long as you sleep on a side, back or front,. Or if you sleep in any position like me, then you are freelancer Marvin.


So, currently my bed is on the floor in the corner of my room, right up against the walls. I usually lay on my stomach with my arms under me and turn my head to the side and then push it against the wall beside the bed.
I angle myself a little in the bed to do this, because I like to curl up sometimes too haha. But I always like my head pressed against something.

It’s been that way forever :lol:
My mother claims that as a baby when they would put me in the cradle, I would squirm until I made it to the the top so I could press my head against the cradle wall.
They would intentionally place me at the bottom of the cradle to watch me do this :rofl:

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I cannot imagine how comfortable this would be :lol:

I do that as well, although for now, that is what I do, I feel like, that is mine. For now

Splash:Excuse me 12 year old boy, please show some manners(ahem im not really 12)

They would really do that on purpose, okie. Well your sleeping position are these, so you have these 2 personality traits. I also used to curl. Up when I was little, anyway here are yours:

This is yours and so. Is this:

You have these 2 personality traits, so do I! You might be a freelancer soon! Or you might already be, are there anyother positions you sleep in or just those 2? For now, those are you personality traits

Remeber ma’am or sir or young girl or miss. Or OK I gotta stop.

Just remember that your personality is unique in a way of only you. You are an angel of you and others :angel_fly:

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I’ve actually always been endeared with having a mattress on the floor for some reason. Maybe it means I’m down to earth :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and having the bed in the corner means I’m reserved :lol: BAHAHA oh ok I’ll stop.

I’m not sure if your sleeping position really reveals your personality (although I do connect with several things about both those descriptions, but I suspect most people could because they’re kinda vague and I can also relate to parts of the other positions I do not sleep in), but it’s at least fun to discuss.

I would suspect that sleeping with my head against the wall means…I’m weird. :lol: But I probably did not need to tell you that as you likely already know by now.

I actually prefer “Mx.” (usually pronounced “mix”), a gender neutral honorific. :metal:

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I heard it’s supposed to be more healthy to sleep closer to the floor, but I can’t think of a logical reason why that should be.

In general older people tend to prefer taller beds because it makes raising from them after lying down a lot easier, but I’m not sure if this statement is globally valid, plus it’s only a tendency anyway.

I moved into a new apartment (furnished) last week and the bed is also a lot lower. I actually like that quite a lot. Feels more like sleeping and less like resting.

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Well splash, at least some of the personality trait fits in.

Oh well, I guess it is healthy to sleep on the floor

My preferred sleep position is Skydiver, however I change positions a lot during the night. Having fur babies in bed as well makes me conscious of my movement as I do not want to hurt them with my movements. I also like to sleep wrapped in covers with them over my head but a gap for breathing. I will roll onto my side but I do not like sleeping this way because I wake up with sore knee, hip, or shoulder. When I am doing meditations at night or using the Kasina I lay on my back

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Ah,great to hear.