what's a really good book on meditation?

Hey Guys,

My Tai Chi teacher birthday is soon and we are good friends, and as a thank you i want to get him a present. So i thought a book would be good. He is really into all this chakra stuff. I printed stuff off the internet about it and he was all fascinated by the material but i thought i could get him a book.

Is there any book out there that talks about OBE’s, LD, chakras, tai chi, kundalini, yoga, meditation, reiki, chi, prana. And if the book could have photos and not only talk about these things but also have some techniques on each of the things so you can learn a bit from it.

If anyone knows of any kind of book like that then i hope you can offer me some recommendations.

Many thanks

i hoped someone could help me with a recommendation. Come on guys you must know something.

uber-traditional gifts to ones instructor for birthdays, festivals or holidays was a ‘lai see fong’ er ah, a lucky red envelope - stuffed with lots tender, or rather extra tuition.
if your instructor is gung ho traditional type, he might appreaciate that… not a very personal gift however,

in anycase, to have all those topics in one complete volume - ahm, encyclopedia is your best bet.
not once have i encountered a book encomposing all the topics you mentioned, although you may want to check out wle.com/store/books.html - there is quite a good selection of books…
i would really try to steer clear of offering him a purely technique instruction driven book, as he is your instructor, and presumably a master - this can be insulting, however noble your intentions may be. (again, this all depends how hyped up he is into the traditions, customs and courtisies of chinese martial arts, i would never buy my instructor a book illustrating any of the techniques of the art i practice, because he is a master - and has taught each and every one of them)

you may find something suitable in the qigong, tai chi, or eastern philosophy sections.


EWLD Is a good book on LD. And Flying Without a Broom is a very good book on OBE, or mainly AP.