What's for dinner? every countries specialty

Oh yes, Linsen und Spätzle
I didn´t mention it since I had no idea how to describe it, but your description is just perfect :happy:

Where do you come from?


well where i am from in australia…

i eat international kinda food… but one thing that is australian is vegimite toast for breakfast. which is made from yeast extract!

we have lots of fast food places… i love in melbourne there are these cute laneways with nice fast food cafe kinda things…

i also noticed that there are sushi places everywhere now… probably more than mcdonalds…

at home i normally eat… curry, pasta, soup, tacos! falafels mmm thay are good!

I noticed that as well! A few years ago there was an explosion of culture (or something), and every mall in the country opened at least 1 sushi place. I can’t say I hate the stuff, but it’s unusual to see it appear so quickly.

I wouldn’t say Kangaroo was eaten commonly here. Well, at least not anywhere I’ve ever lived. I had it once (novelty dinner at the state show one year), but I don’t recall it being particularly different to a lot of other more common meat.

A popular style of food here is barbecue. It seems standing around outdoors burning various kinds of meat while you’re distracted by your mates with a beer in your hand is something of a tradition. It also requires a lot of effort, and I’m not a huge fan of the outdoors. So, I generally eat things that require 5 minutes in the microwave.

I hear meat pies aren’t too common in other countries. I suppose that surprised me a little, given how popular they are here. It’s just standard pie pastry with mince beef inside - how can you go wrong with that? :smile:

Is meat pies like Shepards Pie, Chicken Pot Pie, or Turkey Pot Pie? If so, we eat a good bit of meat pies. It’s usually during special occasions or on good nights. :smile: My favorite is Sherpards Pie, but a good home made chicken pot pie is great too! :happy:

those sheppards pies are dam nice arnt they :happy: actually havnt had one lately but this is a good reminder

hmm… well they are kinda smaller… like serving sized pie… big as your hand…

and they are like sold everywhere… in some weird places like sydney and adelaid … they have these things i think they are called pie floater or something… meat pie … in like mash pea kinda soup thing… never tried it…

do you have a recepy for a pie like that? i’d like to try it sometime :smile:

I live near Stuttgart, and you?

Isn’t it a bit stringy?

I honestly couldn’t remember.

To be truthful, I really don’t understand man’s desire to taste every single type of animal they possibly can. “Look, what’s that little furry thing? Let’s see what it tastes like!”

I don’t think it’s worse to eat Kangaroos (if there are a lot of them) than eating cows or pigs.

I guess Lutefisk is typically norwegian !

Dried cod lain in Lut and washed with water afterwards 1 :eek:
I doesn`T eet it :wink:

Well in Laputa we usually eat- Oh wait… I don’t really live in Laputa :cry:

-moments of sorrow-

Well in Wales we typically eat foreign(sp?) stuff like Pizza, Spaghetti Bolognese, etc, etc… But who doesn’t?
But traditional foods are made from leeks and crap like that -cringe-, we also have “Welsh Cakes” which is probably some copy of a rock cake, or a scone.

But only a small percentage of the population has eaten it though… :tongue: I myself am one of those who have never ever tasted it.

Yeah , thats right !

Luckily ! :wink:

This is pretty much what I eat every night, exept that gravy is a treat (Mum dosn’t believe in fake gravy. Mmmmm Gravox) Although this means when we do get gravy it’s the real deal.

I’d just like to settle one myth that’s floating around America Blooming Onion is NOT Australian, no one in Australia has even heard of it (exept those who have been to America or have talked to people who have been there) and when explained some people think it sounds pretty good, a lot of people find the thought disgusting, so what you get in an “Auzzie” is not what we actually eat.

As for fast food over here, McDonalds is going strong, along with many other food chains Hungry Jacks (Burger King to you) KFC, Subway. And of course the Australian Fish and Chips (much more Australian than that bloomin Blooming Onion)

Kangaroo is not a main food but there is a push to have it put onto the market as they are becoming a pest and while they look like cute fluffy animals (Well they still are) Kangaroo males box, and when they do it to a human it can do some serious damage. Buffalo is to tough, and we’ve almost managed to get rid of them (Another Australian pest). There’s also a push for camels to becaome food as they’re starting to get overpoulated.

(Don’t eat buffalo)

Hm, Shinkuju’s gotta lotta… :eh: …interesting snack foods 2 choose from a buncha shops, as well as a nice variety of sushi bars :content: .

i had shirmp paella

i from manchester in uk

I tried lutefisk this christmas. It was horrible. Like eating a loogie. :yuck:

Traditional swedish food (husmanskost) consists mostly of potatoes.
Boiled potatoes, mashed potatoes, raw-steaked potatoes…

With this comes meat (meatballs or pork, for example :tongue:) or fish (mostly herring or cod).
Swedish food is often accused of being very fat and “heavy” food. With some dishes you eat lingonberry jam (I’ve never understood the point of that). Gravy too.

A dish that a lot of kid’s dislike is pea soup url=https://www.coolabah.com/ausblog/marie/sps0502.jpg[/url] . It’s a soup made of peas and pork. Or something. I’m not a huge fan of it.

One thing that suprised me as a child was swedes eating pancakes for lunch, because that’s not how you eat them in Finland. I’ve always seen pancakes as dessert or a snack after school.

On midsummer’s eve, it’s very common to eat bread, potato and herring. Then drink a couple of snaps, with drinking songs of course. :cool:

As a dessert, strawberries.

I don’t know if it’s because I live in Stockholm, or if it’s so in the rest of Sweden too, but people tend to eat a lot of international dishes. Pasta, wok, mexican…

Examples of fast foods you can find here are:
hot dogs, pizza, kebab, sushi, wok, hamburgers (yes, we have McDonald’s…).

I can’t believe no Canadian has mentioned POUTINE :content:

Mmmmmm, that’s my favorite national meal.
Basically it’s fries, or chips as we sometimes call them, with mozzarella cheese on top, then gravy is added which melts the cheese. It’s common in restaurants and chip stands and it makes a good snack…even fast food restaurants like McDonald’s offer it here, although it’s not very good compared to home-made poutine.

Lobster is also a nice treat :yes:, and since hunting and fishing is very popular here, a lot of people I know eat fish and venison during the summer.