What's for dinner? every countries specialty

Hello everybody, welcome to the first culinair topic on ld4all :content:

this is one derived from the stereotypes topic.

we are curious what every countries local specialties are. And what you generally eat. (there can be a huge difference between those two.)

Also: what countries label which foods delicious :smile: What would you serve for a foreign guest? Recepies are also very welcome in case others will want to try it.

Now i have to start ofcourse, being the first poster. Well, the ugly truth is that the dutch don’t have a kitchen to be proud of :cry: There is not a real ‘dutch food’. Well there is, but you wouldn’t want to go for a restaurant for it :tongue:

‘traditional’ dutch food is potatoes, meat and vegetables. Preferably with gravy over the potatoes, which you first will mash with your fork. Then put the gravy over it, then mix it with the vegetables and eat it like that.

it can be very delicious if you chose the right meat, the right vegetables and the right potatoes :wink:

I don’t eat much like that, we eat more internationally. lol, that is if you count pasta and pizza as international dishes. But we make everything ourselves.

the local fast food is: patat (french fries but thicker), burger (yes, mc donalds has infiltrated here as well) and frikandel or kroket.

patat, frikandel, kroket are actually dutch things. You won’t find them abroad. You will go to a ‘snackbar’ and they will serve those things.

aha, while looking for a pic about patat i came to a very usefull page which saves me a lot of typing:


also check the main site thehollandring.com/ for some more general info about holland :smile:

Here is Colorado

Local Fast Food - All the American fast food places you can think of
Generally Eat - A common meal for me is Swiss steak, Mashed poatoes and greeen beens. But I usually eat alot of different things, there isn’t really a constant.

Snacks/Desserts - KitKat Bar, Reeses CUp, M&M’s, ice cream, english toffe, cake

I think an English (UK) meal is a roast.

Firstly I had melon as the starter.
Then, last time I had chicken with rosemarry or something, roasted potatoes, peas, chesnut stuffing, bacon wrapped sasuage, and yorkshire pud. Ofcourse this was all in gravy. Delecius.
For pudding we had Mint Vianeta.

This is a kind of British meals:

Loads of recipies:

If you want roast beef and yourkshire pud recepy then goto:

My favorite food is definitely pizza. There’s this one pizza place I order from that not only has great pizza, but the most amazing salads I’ve ever had. I also eat Mexican food pretty often (no, not Taco Bell… real Mexican food). And I’m a big fan of BBQ… I love a good chopped beef sandwich. That’s something I picked up from when I lived in Dallas… there you are never more than a couple blocks away from a BBQ place.

I grew up on the outskirts of Chicago, and there you can find hot dog places all over… so I would eat a ton of Chicago-style hot dogs, Italian beef with hot peppers, and of course, Chicago-style pizza.

I used to live on fast food, but my stomach can’t handle that stuff anymore.

Fianlly some with an opion like mine that Taco Bell isn’t mexican

My favorite food hands down is Pizza. I like breakfast pizza, mexican pizza, or even pineapple pizza. I love all types of pizza.
Most Italian food is my favorite: spaghetti, lasagna, manicotti, pasta, or stuffed shells are all delicious.

A local specialty in the Carolinas USA are “Fish Camps.” Fish camps are restaurants that serve fish. Fish camps usually serve a larger variety of fried fish than baked or broiled fish. They also serve “Hush puppies” which are fried balls of a type of cornmeal mixture. Frech fries, tater sauce, and slaw are usually served as “side items.” (The “south” or southern part of the US is well known to enjoy fried foods. hahaha, :help: )
Ironic as it sounds, I don’t like much food from fish camps. :wink: I just know about them since my family has owned several. I think I’m the only one in my family that doesn’t like fish. :shy:
If I eat there, they usually have hamburgers or Clam Chowder that I order.

Another local specialty that I do enjoy eating is BBQ, also known as Barbecue or Barbeque. This is a sliced pork sandwich prepared on a hamburger bun. We have a local BBQ place called “Black’s BBQ” with a sister store called “R.O’s BBQ.” They have the best slaw for their sandwiches. My Mom said she ate there a lot when pregnant with me. It must have done something to me, :lol: because I love that slaw. We go to the restaurant and order just a large tub of the slaw, and take home to make sandwichs or toppings for hot dogs. Now, they have expanded their business and create tubs of slaw just for stores! :cool_laugh:
However, it’s not as good as the restaurant kind, so we still buy ours from there. :smile:

I like fast food, but only eat it maybe once every two weeks. McDonalds, Wendy’s, Hardee’s, and Subway are a few I visit. I don’t eat Burger King or Taco Bell.
oooo, we also have a fast food joint called “Kyrstal Burger.” Kyrstal serves mini bite sized burgers that are pretty yummy.

My hometown Gastonia NC has 100’s of restaurants. Gastonia is home to not-so-healthy drink SunDrop. Sundrop is a citrus soda that I once really enjoyed as a child, but that taste has left me and I rarely drink it.
If I include the metro area we easily have 1000’s of restaurants of any food you can think of. Charlotte, North Carolina has a few of the largest banks in the US, and they cater to the traveling business man. Luckily, that means a very large variety of food.

I live out of the city and in the country. We have lots of farm land and buy lots of veggies from “produce stands.” Produce stands are road side booths/stands were farmers sale their fruit and veggies.

We buy most of our peaches and other fruit from a really down to earth and friendly lady named Dori Sanders. She is author of a well known book called “Clover” about her life growing up on that farm. She’s sells great peaches and we always honk our horn if we see her outside. Everytime she stops what she is doing and waves real big back. :smile:

We grow our own garden too. Green beans, tomatos, cantaloupe, and sometimes strawberries. We can our green beans and tomatos to eat for later in the year.

I’ll mention a few foods that usualy generate weird looks from “non-locals”
okra is either put in soups, or breaded and fried. I recently learned this is what Africians call “Gumbo” :content: neato. It’s ok, not my favorite but I eat it. I like it better in soups than fried.

-Grits Unprepared - picture
prepared - picture
This is usually a breakfast food, and I like mine with lots of American cheese.

I also like very many different cheeses.
I can also snake on veggies like they are junk food. I’m happy with a bag of baby carrots and a small bowl of Ranch Dressing. :content:

I’m from Canada, no really I am! But more importantly I’m in Calgary. Yeehaa! Yahoo! For 355 days of the year we eat beef. Alot of beef. I think I eat beef in some form 5 days a week, often multiple times that day. For some reason, beefs gotten cheaper lately, I wonder why? :cool_laugh:

As for the other 10 days of the year. . . Free pancakes and sausage for breakfast and then for the rest of the day, cotton candy and our specialty, those little mini donuts.

Did I mention all the beef we eat?

On a culinary side note, anyone else eaten ostriche? It tastes a lot like . . . beef! In fact my grandfather raises ostriches. They’re good but man are they dumb they make cows look smart.

Well, I have to say that my favourite ever food is Indian. There are a multitude of Indian Restaurants in Bath, so I am quite spoilt for choice. I really don’t like the ‘traditional English Curry’ that you might be served in a non-Indian restarant, though - it has to be ‘proper’.

That is a special treat. Typically in a week I will have pasta a couple of times, a chinese or fish and chips takeaway once or twice, vegi-sausages or vegetables in bread crumbs (ready frozen) a couple of times. Sometimes I have pizza. Sometimes I cook a curry from a jar with pappodoms and naan bread to accompany it (using quorn instead of meat). Very occasionally I do a traditional English roast, but I am very fussy about the source of my meat, and it tends to be expensive when I do buy it.

I don’t normally have breakfast, but if I do it would be cornflakes/rice crispies or toast. For lunch I normally have home-made sandwiches at work (often marmite or cheese).

WHAT?!!??! :wow: HAGELSLAG?!?!?!? How is that traditional Dutch food?!?! ITS JUST BREAD WITH A CRAPLOAD OF SPRINKLES ON IT!

Sorry, just couldn’t stand it.


Well my fav. non-healthy foods would have to be these great hot dogs from this little place near my house, or mozzarella sticks…Mmm, mozzarella sticks…

My fav. umm somewhat not healthy food I guess would be pizza, cept I only like plain cheese. I eat almost everything plain, I only like plain chips, never use ketchep or mustard on a hotdog or burger, no catsup on fries… All those things just take away from the true flavor of whatever your eating…

Yes, I’m afraid that counts as nicking the French chocolate criossant and changing it a little. And then claiming it’s yours.

I too am from Canada: Raging Canadian is right, there is a LOT of beef here :smile:
What’s for dinner? is answered with “beef!” “Pork!” or “Chicken!”
Vegetarians eat a lot of Tofu, and often pretend it’s beef pork or chicken.
We also really like pasta-ish things, spaghetti, pesto, fettachini, (sorry about the spelling!). Most people eat quite a lot of junk food, fast food exc.
Cant say that Canadians have the most interesting food around. It’s not our strong poind

Some specialties from Belgium:

The one and only original Belgian fries! I guess everyone knows those :smile:
Belgian chocolate (Leonidas, Pralinette, Callebaut, Côte d’Or, Nirvana…)
Belgian beer (Palm, Stella Artois, Jupiler, Hoegaerden, Haacht, Duvel, Cristal, Grimbergen, Orval, Chimay, Ciney, Kriek, Westmalle, Leffe, Gueuze,… shall I name them all? (+400 labels) :wink: )
Brussels sprouts, nougat, coffee (Douwe Egberts, Jacqmotte), waffles, Belgian endives, mussels, waterzooi, +200 cheeses, anguilles au vert, tomate aux crevettes, carbonades flamandes,…

A favuorite here in Australia is Kangaroo meat wrapped in dampa which is like a bread topped off with gravy. Widgedy grubs are optional with the meat and sometimes croc meat is acceptable, mainly only out in rural areas.

dont really know any specialties that we have in New Zealand :content:
spose we do have alot of barbeques though

I didn’t know people in Australia actually ate kangaroos’s. AH well you learn new stuff every day.

I eat pizza and chips and pretty much the most unhealthy foods you can possibly think of, and all i drink is soda or uhh…alcoholica beverages. Lucky for me I have a fast motabolism, and i skateboard till I’m ready to pass-out everyday. The typical america teenage diet, that’s why so many people here are fat, cause we have such bad eating habits.

Lets see… these are typical “schwäbisch” (swabian, southern germany) ones.

1.Maultaschen & Potato Salad
Maultaschen -> Look like huge raviolis filled with a mixture of meat and vegetables

  1. Sauerkraut & Potato cream or Sauerkraut & Schupfnudeln
    Sauerkraut -> “Kraut” in vinegar
    Schupfnudeln -> Kind of thick noodles, you don´t cook them in water but fry them in a pan

I think you know the word, but our bretzels are differen´t from those that you know. I think american bretzels are more like crackers, ours are like bread.

And beer of course :wink:
I think we also have quite good chocolate, although not as famous as the chocolate from switzerland

We are quite fond of meat, but not as much as the french
Fish is very seldom eaten

But don’t forget “Spätzle”
(noodles that look like worms :tongue: )

wow tapir! that German food has got me hungry!! :smile:

We eat Sauerkraut here too, and we often put sliced pieces of hot dogs in it and call it “Sauerkraut and Weenies” :content: It’s usually ate as a side dish with a meat focused dinner.

I’ve never heard of “Maultaschen” but it sounds delicious!! :happy: Mmmm, raviolis! I don’t really care for potato salad though, but it’s served here very often.

I also think American’s spell and pronounce their “Bretzels” as “Pretzels” :wink:

YES! Germany has good chocolate!! I have a tin of Gernman Chocolates I got a few days ago. I think the company is called “Stoilwerck.” I don’t usually like many sweets or candy, but I have already ate half of the tin! :grin:

My personal favorite food is Pizza!

But what is more usual here is probably:
Fishballs"made out of fishmeat :wink:", all kinds of other flavors of fish, Meatcakes
and even whalebeef"some hate us for that" :wink: