What's for dinner? every countries specialty

I think it’s just the routemaster buses being retired.
I saw an article saying that more modern double-deckers are being put on the roads and also a new double length bus with only one floor called the Bendy is now being used. However most people prefer the old routemaster buses.

Oh and the EU haven’t tried to ban fish and chips (as far as I know) which is supposed to be England’s national dish. Nobody even seems to eat fish and chips very much, but it’s still the national dish.

As bigos were already mentioned - here in Poland we have Kluski, Sauerkraut or Barszcz - but especially Oscypki’s.

At my house anything and everything. But traditional to my culture, a customary dish at my home consists of white rice, stewed beans and steak with tostones (fried platanos)or salad. My kids love this dinner the most.

road pizza and booze. :nodnodwinkwink:

Hmm, for USSR I’d say pelmeni (it’s kinda like meat in dough, but the dough isn’t like bread, more like pasta, and they’re cooked. My favorite russian food :grin: )

And for Sweden I’d say pytt i panna (it’s like small cubes of potato and meat all mixed up) cause I eat that all the time lol.

Dream on. // Olesia

my family background is italian, so lots of pastas for me.

i love stirfries as well, and curries.

personally i LOVE a huge breakfast more than anything. thats what does it for me. couple of steaks, bacon, eggs, sausages, chops, fried tomatos. a huge plateful of as much as i can fit on it, and im in heaven. add a litre or 2 of juice to that (pineapple and orange) and i am one happy man.

Sounds delicious !

I am reminded by a Filipino dish after seeing a member with a username that is exactly the name of the dish. (I wonder if that member is Filipino…)

Anyway, the dish is called ‘Sinigang’. Its basically a vegetable dish that is characterized by its little sour taste coming usualy from tamarind. Its a very popular dish here that comes in variety, like sinigang na baboy (with pork).

Here is a wikipedia entry about it.

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Sinigang is a Philippine dish famed for the variety of ingredients one can use as well for its taste. Sinigang is typically sour and is most likened to the French dish Bouillabaisse.

Sinigang is often stewed fish, pork, chicken (usually called “sinampalukan” and cooked with tamarind essence), shrimp, or beef. But the key to a good sinigang is not the meat but the ingredient which makes it sour.

Usually Pork Sinigang, the most commonly prepared, is prepared with tamarinds, tomatoes, leeks, taro and onions. It is never cooked with vinegar, though it needs to be sour. Another variety is prepared with guava and is less sour than tamarind. Raw mango can also be utilized.

Chicken Sinigang is called “Sinampalukan” from “Sampalok”, Filipino for tamarind. Hence, Sinampalukan is done with tamarinds. Other ingredients are ginger, onions, chili and tomatoes. Unlike the other variants, Sinampalukan is preferred to be a little spicier."

lol…the U.S.A’s Specialty is fast food…I just read that in my geography book lol weird…Hmm But WHat I like is Uh…Hm…Acutally…what I like here is from Italy…Hmm okay…lets see uh… :confused: Idk… :tongue:

Pokkii! :happy:

I loooooooove pokkii (Psst…it’s “pow-ki”, not “pok-ee”) :peek:

It’s a Japanese snack food that I practically live on! :content:

Strawberry, banana, and coconut are my top three faves :good:

Here’s a wikipedia entry on pokkii

Well this is America, but I am obsessed with Japanese food. Anytiem we go out to eat I always want to go to our Japanese restuarant. It’s soo good. And they really give you enough to eat on for three days. They prepare it right in front of you and it’s really cool. :smile: :love:

Where I live we have a Japanese fast food restaurant…it’s got the best Teriyaki I’ve ever eaten. Period. :content:

Chinese and Japanese and SUSHI!

I had dinner in a pub the other day, and afterwards thought that it was probably quite a traditional English food.

A giant yorkshire pudding with roast beef, mash potatoes and gravy inside. With a pint of bitter to go with it (served from a hand pump, live beer).

That sounds absolutly delicious :content:
If I ever visit England, the first thing I’m going to do is EAT :grin:

Mmm…teriyaki is niiiiiiice…:good:


What you need to do is to find a nice old fashioned pub with a few “real ales” or “cask ales” on sale, and when you have a meal ask for one of the beers served by a hand pump. They set a nice pub meal off nicely. :cool:

Now I’m hungry. Hmm… We could put some recipes here every now and then, what do you people think?

I want some yellow rice…mmmI’m hungry now! look what yall did! -.-

Excellent idea, I love to cook, maybe I could transcribe a few of my recipies :yes:

Dreamer - Come to think of it, we have a few old fashioned pubs aroun here, maybe I’ll see if any of them have cask ale :smile: