What's it like?

Since I’ve only been low-level lucid for a few seconds, I’m not really sure what it feels like to be fully lucid. Can you feel everything, just like in real life, or does it feel different?

Yep, my senses are very realistic if the ld is high level… Sometimes they are actually stronger than waking life! :happy:

I just love how real everything is in a LD. Many times when I get lucid, I just touch things and tastes things. It always amazes me how real it feels. I have yet to eat something in a LD, but I did drink a bottle of cola not long ago. And it tasted just like the real thing. The next time I get lucid I’ll try to find a burger to eat :grin:

It’s very realistic, which is one of the first things that strikes you. It’s always a surprise. You can feel and taste and hear and smell like in real life, though you may need to deliberately do it.

For me my senses are pretty normal, where as in my NDs they are usually more accute - so mine seem to go down as opposed to increase (always knew i was weird) but one thing that i always get when lucid is being slow minded.

I can’t respond to things as quickly as when awake, it’s like having a stuffy cold only on your motor functions.

Hm, I dunno, I always for some reason had this notion it my head that your senses would be dulled, but this is really interesting… and yet another motivation for me to become lucid! I’m really making an effort over the next 3 weeks or so.

Lol, I was kinda hoping that I would achieve a ver high level of LD, but it’s only been a certian level. It made sensing very boring (like real life)

I wish I could have lucid dreams like that!

Oh yes it can be surprisingly real! Becoming fully lucid feels as if someone suddenly pulls off that blindfold which you have been carrying all that time. The transition can be quite amazing: you’re able to perceive things on your own instead of being just a puppet who ignorantly follows the dream completely subjected to the will of the Dream Maker.

Mystic, great description. :smile:

In my experience, the power of your senses in a lucid dream depends almost synchronously with how much attention you’re paying to them. The more you focus on vision, for example, the clearer things become. It’s difficult to describe how it’s possible to see things with greater clarity than is available in real life, so I guess you’ll have to find out for yourself. :cool: