What's possible in dreams / the after-effects?

Not talking about LUCID DREAMS.

I’m talking about normal dreams.

What would be the limit in NDs?

A while ago, I had a dream where I woke up, I felt tired and I walked downstairs. I left the house and looked at a car (a real car that I always see - everything was so real), the car was owned by someone who irritates me. He got in the car and I just wanted to pick it up and chuck it into the sun with my mind, like telekinesis. I did.

I was freaked out and I lived the whole dream day (it felt like a full day) using the newfound power. I went to sleep in the dream, then woke up.

The dream was SO REAL I woke up thinking I had the power, the length of the dream only added to that.

For a few hours after I just thought it went away. Until I thought about it again and realized odditys in it.

That isn’t me being stupid though, seriously the dream was so real.

There aren’t any real limits. Whatever you can do in LDs you can do in NDs. The only difference is that you’re lucid, you’re conscious, and you can willfully direct things.

I’ve had countless NDs where I’ve flown, breathed underwater, turned into an animal, and I’ve even gone through a completely normal morning only to find that I need to repeat it once I wake up! They might feel real, but these are dreams after all. You an kill everyone one you know in a dream, and once you wake up no one will know. It’s all in your head. :smile: At the same time, it’s normal to be really affected by a realistic dream, and if it makes you question WL more (doing more RC) then ultimately it’s good.

Woah. That’s a false awakening x 1000000000 :tongue:

Thats awesome though, but I’d be a bit dissapointed to wake up without any special powers.