What's so important about busstops!?

'scuse the foul language in the title, it won’t happen again…
language removed :tongue:
the next 5 seconds.

So, now that 5 seconds has past, on I go:

I got this dreamsign. It’s simply, and it has done the trick once. The dreamsign: Busstops, and trainstations.

Always the same scenario:

Me and some guys, or girls of course, go to a busstop, or trainstop. I hereby call them both stops, ait. More efficient that way. So we go to a “stop”. Now one out of two things can happen here:

  1. We realise we’re to early, in which case we go to the stop that’s before the stop we were supposed to catch the bus, or train, on, as to take a walk and get on the bus, or train, a tad bit earlier.

  2. We realise we’re to late, in which case we go to the direction the bus, or train, would have taken us anyway. We, of course get on the next bus or train, but still goes to a stop after the stop we were supposed to catch the train on.

You get the plot?

I’m always leading them us I should say. We realise we’re too early, or the other of course, and sI say “let’s walk to another stop”, and they follow.

What is the meaning of all this?

They’re never the same people who’s with me. But always people I know irl. And it is always locations I presumably know about. Stops I normally get on the bus or train on. Of course they never look the same as in real life. But I just know what stop it is suppose to resemble.

Good dreamsign though, 'cause this kinda dream happen alot.