What's so special about flying anyways?

So, I have NEVER had a lucid dream before. I started trying maybe a year ago, quit for a bit, then decided to come back to this site.

A question popped into my head “What’s so special about flying?” Is there like, a certain feeling towards it?

I would LOVE feedback:D

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve wanted to fly. Not like a plane, but like a bird. To soar freely, go wherever, dive, spin, and go at fast speeds. It’s an experience that people want to experience for the exhilaration, the adrenaline. I’ve done it in a few lucid dreams, and it is magical to watch the dreamscape become a colorful blur beneath you.

“what’s so special about flying” should be apparent even without dreaming. being high in the air, soaring, etc. all the stuff mentioned above. if you’ve ever been on a rollercoaster, then you know roughly what flying is like. or even if you’ve jumped from something high (like jumping off a diving board)

I’ve only ever flown in dreams (go figure) but it is amazing! nothing beats it. unfortunately I can mostly only fly by the “treading water” method, which isn’t the same thing. I’ve flown like a bird before and it is the best

there are different ways of flying, in my first lucid dream i ever had, i thought about flying, but not like superman or slowly and softly like a bird, i was thinking about “the rocketeer”, imagined myself that fancy rocket-pack on my back and the trigger to start the engine…within the next seconds i just had it there and the trigger in my right hand, when i pushed it, i took off just like in the movie and flew high speed through some canyon.

I’ve had multiple flying dreams in the past, and the thing that made it so special to me was how I was actually able to get anywhere just by jumping up in the air and starting to levitate above the ground.
There was something extremely exalting about, say, getting up to the roof of a building just by flapping my hands for a few seconds.
It’s hard to describe, but try to imagine it as much as you can - or better yet, train your dream recall as much as possible so you can eventually try it yourself whenever you want.

Unseen_Eye I agree with you on every word you typed!!! :fly: :fly:

I’ve flown as a bird, does that count? It wasn’t a very long experience as I soon shifted back to myself when landing, but flying is very much an essential thing to taste in the fruits of lucidity.

I’d love to try it again for longer, and in complete lucidity.

Of course that’s count!!! And second thing you was a bird… I think that’s perfect… in my first LD i was animal to… so you have been transformed and you were flying… good job!!

I’ve been flying in my dreams since i was a kid before i knew about LDs so it’s not that special for me, but it’s fun! Better than walking in almost every case i guess.

I had a ND a few years ago, in which I was flying. I started off by a beach and took off and started flying over the water directly away from the shore. Sometimes I would run my hand along the surface of the water and it felt fantastic. Some Flying fish (idk the ones with wings XD) actually were jumping alongside me. Overall it’s a really magical experience :slight_smile:

I always fly in LD’s :razz: after I learned to fly I always found flying easy and very relaxing :smile: it indeed is a nice feeling to have the scape far beneath you :grin:

My styles have been superman, bird and swimming in the air :tongue:

One of the mankind’s deepest wish has always been able to fly, with or without help, that’s another question.

I love the feeling I get when I fly. I had the same desire to that Unseen did, but when I actually did it, it felt wonderful. It’s not ust the adrenaline rush either. For me, the feeling of lifting up off the ground is amazing. I tell you this, it’s better than any roller coaster out there!

Mm, flying is one of my favorite things to do (as well as one of the things I’ve done for the longest time)! When I was younger and when I first got here I could fly but had lots of problems… I only knew the “swimming” method which was really slow and I would usually quickly hit an invisible “ceiling.” Now, with ld4all, I’ve discovered new ways to fly (similar to one mentioned here but not exactly) and I managed another recently. My first tech I mentioned I actually discovered in an ND. Man, that was some of the best flying I ever had! No power lines obstructing me like they usually do, just pure air and an ocean beneath me! I flew so well, getting to do dives and fly high with some blimp-like aircraft that eventually went underwater while I kept flying. I’m afraid of heights IRL, but not in-dream. It’s such a cool feeling. The other day I was flying horizontally through some buildings and decided I wanted to get up higher to see the sunrise… “stepped” up through the air on imaginary steps/platforms. Not what I’d consider “flying”, but still cool to do and see. :tongue:

As I said, it’s one of my favorite lucid activities, and I’ve been getting better (even with the help of NDs, which yes, I do fly in those as well), which is awesome! It’s also one of the easiest for me. When I struggle with other things sometimes, I know I can always go start flying if all else fails. It’s kind of a stress reliever for when I’m caught up in my other failures. :content: But all in all, I would greatly advise you to try it in one of your first LDs (if not the first)!

Im not sure why im posting here because ive never really flown in an LD or ND.

The thing is a lucid dream can be very realistic and vivid. Even if there is something that you have never done or felt before in your real, waking life. Your dreams can try to figure out what it would feel like - and sometimes it seems amazingly spot on with your expectations, and sometimes it may not be even close.

Have you ever gotten shot in a dream before. I have and it has hurt like I cant describe, but I have never gotten shot in real life. Now think of getting shot in a LD when everything is more 10x more vivid and realistic. That pain will be extremely vivid, and you will most likely wake up (although if its an LD then you shouldnt have any problems with getting shot.)

This can also be applied to flying, if you understand what I’m saying.

Mm, I kind of agree with you. Yes, dreams can make things seem very realistic. Pain isn’t always pain though. There are others who will say that as well. It just depends on the dream. I’ve been shot, stabbed, run over, had my chest crushed in, bitten, burned, etc. Sometimes it hurts. But sometimes it’s more like a warm feeling that would be comfortable except that I know what it’s actually supposed to be. When I got shot, it was just a small warm spot in my stomach, as if I could only feel the blood and not the bullet wound. However, when I got a knife thrown at me and stuck in my side, it hurt some but not a lot. The only really bad pain I can really say I’ve felt in a dream is feeling like my chest got crushed in. That subsided after I got out of the area. Flying… it does feel realistic. I can’t say I ever feel the wind rushing through my hair or if I do it’s rare to, but it can and does feel like something completely natural and reaslistic to do in-dream. Dreams… are unpredictable. Yet they can be so realistic even in those unpredictable ways. It’s not like when I had fire on my back that it didn’t feel warm. ^^ It just all depends on what you define as realistic for the situation, I guess.