What's the average amount of time people stay lucid?

Its been a long time since my last lucid dream, but most people mention that when you do a reality check and realize you are dreaming you get an adrenaline rush and wake up soon after becoming lucid. Considering this I was wondering how long most dreams last after becoming lucid. I heard of the spinning and rubbing hands trick, but some have mentioned that even after doing that they woke up a minute later. Is it possible though some people been able to sustain lucidity in dreams for hours?

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Though I suffer from the same problem, lack of proper length of lucidity, many expert dreamers on the forum have had LD’s that they believe to last for more than an hour or so. It’s really what you make it, so being like me and thinking that all LD’s that you THINK are an hour are actually 5 minutes real time tricking your mind is a recipe for disaster.

Me? My average is 1 minute. Yeah, I know it’s not much. I’m working on it.
You’ll find the advanced dreamers can stay lucid the whole night, even through non-rem sleep! (actually Jeff is the only person I know of here that can do this, but others stay lucid whole dreams!)

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Scientifically, a dream can last no longer than one hour at the most. We have multiple REM periods during the night, each one longer than the last. Thusly you can’t stay lucid for hours upon hours.

wow. I must be above average at these forums.
Out of 30 total LDs since I started in June, maybe 7 of them laster 10-15 minutes, and the rest anywhere from 3 seconds to 3 minutes.
All after becoming lucid of course.

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From 1 second to 30 minutes with an average of 4-6 minutes.

Lesse…out of my 2 lucid dreams, one was about 2 seconds and the other was about a minute and a half.
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Average of:46 seconds!


Some things to clear up, the way you experience dreamtime is about the same time as IRL, so you can guess fairly good how long the LD was after you wake up (source = Laberge). Second, scientificaly it isnt inpossible to stay lucid the whole night because you keep dreaming in non REM dreams too. This is just a well know fact.
Besides this, my average LD time now is about 6 minutes, ranging from 2 minutes to 15.

Ehm. I donno… How do you find out how much real life time you were lucid?


What about those people who claim to have an LD that lasted for days or even years?

My average is probably in the less than 10 secs range.

As for people claiming to have been lucid for long periods of time, its just an illusion like time passing in movies. Days seem to pass in the matter of 90 minutes. Same deal with the dreams.

Thats what i thought also.
But those i talked to, claimed it actually feelt that long and also have more memories than the amount of time they sleept, no idea if that is false memories but still…

Ive had a few non lds that lasted a few days, but its hard to tell from those, since i am not lucid and thus not really myself… I can say that it feelt way longer than i was a sleep though.

My average is something between 3 second and 5 minutes I think.

well ive only had a few LDs but the longest id say about 10mins prolly avegare of about 1-2mins

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I’m one of them. I have had few LD’s where they seem to last longer than the time I spend sleeping. The longest LD I ever had seemed to last one week. It was getting bothersome and tiring. After that, I had bad LD drought. :razz: I had false memories that I couldn’t tell apartly with my real memories. It was confusing at first :bored:

i have had ones that last 3 seconds to one that lasted close to an hour so umm they range inbetween them

I don’t think it’s so simple to say ‘dream time is same as real time’

I do WILD and wake up half an hour later with only a very short LD and FA. Being REM deprived I don’t think nonREM could have sneaked in there somewhere, plus I wake right after it ends. No way that could have lasted half an hour, much less a minute, unless the time I estimate I fall asleep is very off.