What's the best part about lucid dreams?

I’m new and I was wondering, what’s the best part about lucid dreams? I’ve heard of them and want to have them. When I do, what should I look forwards to? it can be anything.

Hi tarantulaman1000, nice to meet you! Welcome to ld4all forum!

The best thing about lucid dream is that you can DO ANYTHING! My favorite thing to do when I become lucid is to fly or do some daredevil thing like falling off the building. :smile: WHat a rush! LOL!

I wish you the BEST lucid journey!

Lieve dromen! (Sweet dreams!)

Hey tarantulaman1000!

The best part of LDs?? Well there are lots of answers to that and it all depends on every person. What I think is the best part is that u can Control EVERy bit of it!! No more 3rd person point of view or anything. U are the creator of your dream and can control all of it and make anything that u want happen.

Well i wish u good luck on your Lucid dreaming path^_^ U wish u many more LDs.

do what ever you can’t do or don’t dear to in rel life! :cool: BUT what is real?? you never know :cheesy:

The feeling that is the best is to hard to put into words…its like the feeling your God…