What's the longest dream in you dream journal?

What’s the longest dream in you dream journal?
How long did it take for you to write it, and type it?
How long is it?

I think this is the longest one, took 15 minutes to write down. I put it in a spoilwer tag, its quite long: [spoiler]After a WBTB I get the longest LD I ever.

A Flying Round And The Cannontrain

I find myself at my home, cutting the grass. The lornmauer is stopping, and I start the handdriven lornmauer. I see my brother flee away in an airbaloon. I jump after him, but at a height of 4000 meters I am scared out of sh*t up there. While in the air I consider myself it must be a dream. I RC myself, but I still have my thoughts of a dream.


And here is where the fun begins. I am a DO above a train, observing a man called Cyclops (hes from Xmen). Hes fully asleep. I play with his glasses (theyre very hot). I move back to the helicopterview and see a sleeping girl. I get down to her and remove the covering. I undress myself, but I let the girl sleep untouched.


I find myself at somebodys home. I get bored and use Telekinesis at all the bookcases, and by mistake ram with one of them the mother. I run to a corridor and decide to shoot fireballs. I fail, I decide to teleport. It doesnt help, but suddently I am at a vehicle in Köpenhamn (Copenhagen). I see Thell sitting there. I get off and Thell screams at me. I jump next to a building and levitate to the rooftop. I walk to the edge of get roof and get scared of the height (15 meters), but my mind says "As long as you can fly, there is no reason to be scared of heights. I fly to the hospital called Rigshospitalet (the Hospital of The Country). I approach the hospital 20 meters below the roof, and I hover to the roof. At the roof I scream “Danskjävlar!” (Danish Mother******s). I fly to Glyptoteket and enter it, still flying. I fly through all the apartments, I see locked doors in front of me. I fly through the doors back to the reception. I hear on the news on TV: “Super Mario is searching for a man that went from the group. Many have seen him, cause he is flying.” I get shocked and think "No Nintendocharacter is going to take me. I fly away to the railroads. I see a train at a trainstation and board the train. I see all the 9s from my school and sit next to them. I dont want to wait, I close the doors with TK-powers. I say: “Everybody put their head on the headrests.” I accelerate the train with the acceleration as the Cannon. The train suddently stops and I exit to see what it is. I see Arabinator at the dooropening. I say to him: “Why did you stop the train?” He answers: “It was way too fast, even if it is a dream.” I give him a short reply: “If you dont like the speed you can always jump out.” I close the doors with TK and start the train. I grab the train and go with. A stopsign is in front of the train and the train drives into it. This place is in deep forest, Arabinator closes up and says: “Is it possible that this is an SD. You have your powers and I know this is a dream.” I pull out a Carbine and shoot all, but the projectile is yellow water without any harm. I spawn a tank, but I cant see it. I say “BOOM!” and an explosion is seen.

Can any mod tell me if I faced my fears, I really AM scared of heights IRL.


Hope you like it :smile:

I’m not sure what the longest I’ve had would be…I think I’ve managed to run into more than a sheet of A4 before using keywords, but that doesn’t exactly mean it was long…

I think the longest might have been my first dream I wrote down ever (about a year ago to the day-ish, weirdly :eh: ). That went on for a while…