what's the next step?

Hi everyone,

Wow… what a brilliant forum, i never knew so many people were interested in Lucid Dreams :smile:

I have been trying to have an OBE and in preparation for this im trying to control my dreams. Since I started this I can only every remember maybe 1 dream per week afterwards. I do remember thinking to myself just before I wake up ‘Im sure I will remember all this dream’. But after im awake about 2 minutes later its all blank :sad:

Anyway… this morning, just before I awoke, I was dreaming that I was looking for an estate agents, and I was walking down a street full of houses. I looked ahead and saw that the place was just full of houses and there is no change of finding an estate agent anywhere. This is the point I though… ‘I know this is a dream, so why not try and create an estate agent’. So I looked at the houses around me and was thinking to myself ‘turn into an estate agent’… but they all just stayed as houses. The next thing a house caught my eye and I though, ‘well this is a dream so i can do what ever I want’ - so I walked over and started looking in through a side window. It was quite high up and I remember staring for a long period taking in all the details of the room. Next thing I remember sitting in that room and talking to someone about some question I was answering that was in a newspaper. Then I wake-up… it was time to get up anyway.

A few things about this leave me with questions. I assume this is what you guys call a lucid dream, probably a very basic one. In this dream I did feel I was there, and did have a limited controll over what was happening, I felt my true self was there (in part anyway). I do not remember seing or feeling my body, I do not remember touching anything. I only really remember the sight of what was happening (everything was so clear). Is this usual?
When I found myself in the room I was observing, was this me switching back to a normal dream? or is this something else? could it be me remembering being at this house in a previous dream?
Is it normal to have these dreams just before you wake-up (as its morning time)?

Sorry for all the question… I hope someone can give me some insight.

Happy Dreaming…

The chances of becoming lucid are higher after 6 hours of sleep I think. Mine only happen in the late morning which is annoying if you have to get up early. It does seem very hard to concentrate sometimes in a lucid dream, one minute you’re thinking of trying something out but then everything gets really vague. It’s frustrating waking up afterwards when you think of all the things you could have done. It’s just the lucidity not being quite strong enough. Practise makes perfect. For me, the more I think and write about dreams, the better they get.

Is it unusaul. No.
Was that a LD? Yes if you were aware it was.
Dreams before you wake up? Very I have my best dreams at that time my longest and most vivid.
Sorry for questions. Don’t be. :tongue: